How To Motivate Low Performing Sales Reps

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How To Motivate Low Performing Sales Reps

No matter how selective you’re when it comes to hiring sales reps, at some point you’ll end up with low achievers and high achievers, your low performers shouldn’t be fired right away because they’ve failed to achieve their target. Most of the times when you come across low performing sales rep it means they need more training or they’re not motivated, it’s easier to lose focus on sales especially after having multiple bad days.

As a business owner or a sales manager you should come up with strategies that can help even your low performing sales reps to perform better. When handled properly, even low performing sales reps can achieve similar results with your high performers. In this article we share some of the best ways you can motivate your low performing sales reps to sell more products or close more deals for your business.

How To Motivate Low Performing Sales Reps

Create competition

It is human nature; they always want to compete with their colleagues. Letting your sales reps to compete against each other is a great way to fire up your sales team. You should offer prizes for first team to achieve a particular target, prize can be in the form of anything, and it doesn’t have to be monetary. It can be public recognition or career advancement for the first few candidates to hit a target for you.

Make the reward public and deliver them in a special way so that they can brag to their friends and family. Don’t set individual rewards for each candidate, always make sure they’re competing against their colleagues and make sure they get special advantage when they achieve that reward.

Build trust with your sales team

For anyone to work with you comfortably as business owner or sales manager they have to trust and like you. The best way to establish long lasting trust is by being transparent, you should be open to any kind of conversation your sales team have, and you shouldn’t be biased when it comes to decisions regarding career advancements due to personal relationship.

Whenever you make a new decision you should always ask your sales reps about their opinion, show them they matter a lot and you’re willing to make changes for their betterment. The point is to have honest conversation with them, giving them the freedom to express whatever they might have. This is one of the hardest things to do for sales managers because they always want to be the boss around, it doesn’t work like that when it comes to sales.

Ensure they take care of the basics

Sales on the field isn’t an easy task, sales team have to learn how to take care of themselves. It starts with the food they eat and overall lifestyle, you have to ensure they exercise properly so that they could have all the energy they need to talk to prospects with confidence. If any of your sales team seems to be weak you can ask them for a walk or if they need some food you can provide to them when they’re in the office. For any sales rep to perform to their optimal level they need to have a balance lifestyle.

You should come up with daily, weekly, and monthly goals

Not just any goal, you have to create realistic goals for your sales team. First you need to sort out the goals you want your sales team to achieve over the month and then break down into daily and weekly goals. You shouldn’t let your sales team out there without specific target to hit for any particular day, when you set goals every week, you’ll be surprised that a lot of your sales reps can reach the goal within 3 days in order to earn free time for the remaining days of the week. When you set the company rules in a way that they’ll have to go out every day and try to hit as many numbers as they can, they feel discouraged, because there is no any specified goal.

These are some great ways to motivate your sales team, there are more ways out there, just study your team members and find out what ignite them and then reward them with what pleases them the most.

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