How Order Entry System Makes Life Easier For Sales Reps

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How Order Entry System Makes Life Easier For Sales Reps

What are the main factors retailers use to determine whether they’ll conduct business with a supplier or not? Actually there is a combination of factors, these include: convenience, price, product selection, locality… just to name a few.

But with all the factors mentioned it all comes down to the relationship between the sales rep and the customer. Most retailers depend on this relationship in order to grow their business and equip their store with the right products.

Wholesalers or I can say distributors must do all they can to provide sales reps with all the possible tools they need in order build ever lasting relationship with customers. One of the tools you don’t want your sales reps to miss is Order Entry System.

There are a lot of wholesalers that are still using outdated systems when it comes to processing orders for their customers, they’re still writing orders on paper for retailers, these old school method place your company at the risk of human errors which is inevitable such as misplaced order forms, typos, illegibility and many errors that are bound to happen.

In this digital era you’ll face a lot of challenges when dealing with manual work and you’ll end up losing most of your customers, you need to give them best experience for doing business with your company. Why not join the revolution and embrace the latest tools that are proven to be more effective for your business?

If you’re still thinking you’re not going to benefit much from modern Order Entry System, I’ll share with you a few reasons why your company should start using them, they don’t cost much to set-up either. All you need is to pick a tool or service that meet your needs and invest some few hours to learn how the system works.

Benefits Of Order Entry System For Wholesale Businesses

Insights And Analytics

Every business needs the best possible data he can get from prospects so that they can use that to their advantage to sell more and in a short time. Order Entry System will provide you with insights on customer behavior and their buying decisions. By analyzing historical data you can forecast future trends based on the data you have from past customers.


With new AI and smart OCRs, you can automate tasks better than ever, you can scan unstructured data or information on any piece of material and convert into structured data without any manual labor involved.

Lots of sales tasks can be automated when it comes to handling customer orders and that will save your company a lot of time. With automation, fewer staff can accomplish more within a short period of time.

Self Service To Customers

Customers can access any information they want on the fly. Most prospects prefer to choose, track, and explore products by themselves than someone showing them, they also prefer to place orders online. Only with the help of an effective Order Entry System you can provide such experience to potential prospects, they’re always in control and there is no any pressure, and this will increase the likelihood of increasing their buying decision.

Speeding Up Order

Handing orders manually will take a lot of time and that translates to your sales rep not able to understand the customer more. With a good sales app, your sales team will have the ability to have enough time to engage with the prospect, he’ll be able to close more up-sells that are available with ease.

Sales Reps Have Access To All Company Catalog

No need to call back at the office asking questions every now and then, wholesalers are dealing with thousands of products, it’s not easy for sales reps comprehend all product details on the go.

When they’re talking to a customer they’ve to refer back to a resource that shows them the current price and description for the specified product. So just imagine doing this task manually! Do you want your sales rep be going through countless of paper presentation or a single app or platform that allows them to search for any products and specifics within a few seconds!

Order Entry System will help your business in a dozens of ways, we’ve just shared some of them that are worth considering, if you’re not using new age order entry system, it’s time to give your wholesale business a boost and you’ll be amazed with the progress your business will achieve.

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