How To Prepare Sales Meeting – Must Have Checklist

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How To Prepare Sales Meeting – Must Have Checklist

Don’t be excited because you have a product or benefits your competitors don’t have, how well your sales meeting goes will determine the success of your business deal. Even if you have the best product there is no guarantee in closing the sale, you have to make a lot of preparations in order to persuade your prospects, you have to present yourself and your product in professional way and it all begins by how well you planned your sales meeting.

Every guide out there will tell you tricks, tips and strategies on how to get the sale but the often ignore teaching sales reps how to prepare a sales meeting that guarantees success. First meeting is everything, if you don’t impress and convince the prospect on the first meeting, you’ll hardly get another chance to speak to them, that’s why you have to do all you can to gather all important information you need that’ll make your clients respect you and your ideas. We’ll share important checklist that will help you prepare for your sales meeting and at the same time succeed in closing the deal.

How To Prepare Sales Meeting – Your Checklist

Check order history

This is the first thing you want to check before you confront your clients, knowing what they’ve previously ordered in the past will help you confront them with the right products. That means you won’t be spending much time on convincing the prospect to order your product, you just need to highlight how beneficial it will be to them.

And secondly this will help you find the right up-sells suitable for them, when you have new products in stock the first category of people want to make suggestions are your previous clients, and as a wholesaler you already know how profitable it is when your sales reps are able to close more up-sells to customers.

Categorize your products

If you have thousands of products in stock you don’t want to confront almost all your prospect with the list of all products, you’ll have to make sure that every prospect you approach, you have an idea the category of products they’re interested in and then present only such products to them, later on you can make recommendations to other categories if they’re interested in taking a look.

It’s difficult however to achieve this when using printed paper catalogs, you’ll have to use an effective sales app that organize the products in a clean way, you can display high quality images that will captivate prospect’s attention and also you’ll be able to present your products in a digital catalog which makes it easier to navigate to any product. The benefits of using sales order apps are many, add one to your business and you’ll definitely stick to using them forever.

Know the product you’re selling

Some sales reps just because they’ve access to sales apps they won’t bother knowing what the product does, they’ll have to check their app before providing an answer to a client. That makes you look unprofessional, if you’re a sales manager you should ensure that all your sales reps have covered intensive training regarding your products and must test them to ensure they know the product fully, only then you should allow them to go out there and hunt for clients or else they’ll end up losing customers to your competitors.

Educate yourself on competitors

If you want to close deals fast you have prove to your client why you’re better than your competitors out there. Chances are that your prospect is already using their products or service and if you don’t prove the advantages of your product over theirs they’ll definitely continue using your competitor’s products without making the decision to try your product. You should also learn about your bestsellers so that you can prove to prospects what’s trending and should provide sales performance for each product.

The checklist can be longer than this, but these are the important aspects you have to prepare before confronting your client in a sales meeting. Studying the prospect is the most important part because prospects will understand that you care about their business and you’re showing them ways your products or services can help them better, give them insights they haven’t yet discovered in their business and you’ll really get their attention whenever you want.

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