Improving Wholesale Business Using Effective Tools for Sales

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Improving Wholesale Business Using Effective Tools for Sales

The Needs of businesses are changing with the emergence of technology day-by-day and wholesale businesses are now equipping their sales representatives with more information than they were in old times to better target customers. They are given digital product catalogues to show customers the entire range of products a company has and in addition to that, sales representative are also have access to detailed information about their customers in order to have a better and meaningful conversation with them at a more personal level so as to increase the chances of getting the sale. Processes are being shifted from traditional ways towards digital technology equipped processes.

Powerful Brands Are Now Investment In Technology For Independent Representatives Than Ever Before

Companies working with independent sales representatives sometimes find it hard to decide on whether to invest in their independent sales reps or not, but you need to always remember that better technology gives you competitive advantage over your competitors when it comes to managing orders more efficiently. Some companies were surveyed and the result was that those companies who deal with independent sales reps, 37% of them invest in order writing software. Some businesses believe independent sales reps should invest in all the tools they need, as a wholesaler if you believed they need a tool that will help them sell your products better, you can as well provide for them.

Sales Tools You Need For Your Business


Every organization is using some kind of Customer Relationship Management system and it really points out the potential customers and the possibility of sales. CRM is basically used to track the sales progress with prospects, but using customer data for equipping independent sales representatives with the required details of the prospect is its full capability.

Video Conferencing

Processes are changing with the emergence of technology. In past, video conferencing was not an easy job and also costs a lot to use, but now in this digital era, anyone can do video conferring from anywhere without the need of expensive instruments. This enables sales managers to contact their sales force more effectively and hassle free, sales reps can also communicate with their prospects more effectively than through phone calls.

Mobile Devices

Every sales person has a smart phone today and they’re using different sales software to make their work more efficient. We can take example of QStream that is used as sales acceleration software and it is used by managers to check the performance gaps of his work force by putting them in so-called real scenarios of sales.

Virtual Learning

Virtual learning gives sales reps an opportunity to study and learn the required skills from anywhere and anytime without the need to attend physical locations in order to access training programs but still feedback from managers plays a very important role even after taking the quizzes, solving case studies and learning different skills in virtual learning.

Social Networks

Social networks are considered a major data proving platforms that can provide data about their customer’s personal interests, their geographical track record and things they keep looking so that marketing department can approach them first, this give better chance of closing the deal since your competitors haven’t discovered them yet. Some of the powerful social networks that can be helpful to sales reps and marketers include; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

These technology tools have made it easier for sales managers to interact with their sales team more conveniently and guide them properly about the prospects needs and how to target them in an effective way. In the domain of sales, sales managers should have remarkable leadership skills so they know how to manage their team properly and guide them to the right path.

Sales tools, gadgets and apps provide convenience in gathering knowledge about the prospect needs and generating leads but on the top of that, one thing that is more important is the relationship between sales team and sales manager. If as a sales manager you believe you can control everything by sitting behind the computer screen then you’re wrong, you need to use the best technology available to in order to communicate efficiently with team members. Therefore, sales manager in addition to using these technology tools should also join sales team in their activities in order to evaluate the performance gaps more effectively.

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