Sales Reps – Sales Questions You Should Never Ask Your Prospects

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Sales Reps – Sales Questions You Should Never Ask Your Prospects

When it comes to sales, asking the prospect questions play a major role in closing the deal, only by asking the right questions you can qualify your prospect, but most sales reps end up asking questions that won’t help them to explore the prospect. Sometimes they ask questions that guarantee losing the deal, it can be tricky to deal with prospects these days and you have avoid asking the wrong questions if you want get the sale fast.

Every question you ask the prospect has an impact on closing the deal, remember that they hate to be sold, if it’s a b2b deal, things are even much harder, just one wrong question can ruin the entire conversation and that lead or prospect is gone forever. During your first meeting with a prospect, you aim is to help them not just sell them your products, so you need to come out with questions that will help them solve problems they’re facing.

We’ll share in this article the type of questions you should avoid asking prospects at all costs if you want to succeed in having a great sales conversation with them.

Answers you can find by yourself

A lot of sales reps make this mistake, they’ll ask the prospect information they already have access to in their app. imagine the customer has already placed their order and have entered everything but you end up asking the items they’ve ordered or asking about shipping address. When you ask such questions, it implies to the customer that you don’t take them serious by not being able to remember their contact details even though they’ve provided in their order. With your sales app set up on a mobile device, all data you need is available such as contact information, shipping address, order history and more. So with that said always avoid asking questions you can find answers to when speaking with prospect.

Avoid open ended questions

There is a lot wrong with asking questions of these types like; “how can we serve you better” or “how is business going”. These are not targeted questions; you’ll end up getting short answers or platitudes. Most retailers find it very tiresome to answer general questions and they’ll believe you’re not professional in the field; asking questions like “how is your business doing?” is for casual conversations with friends and family. You should ask targeted questions like “what are you looking for in a particular product” or “what features do you want in a product” or “what do you think of such product type”. Only ask questions that reveal their needs, and you don’t need to ask directly because retailers sometimes don’t even know what they need, you should figure out what they need and then present it them.

You’re asking two part questions a lot

This is another category of questions you should avoid at all cost, as a sales rep you should only ask one question at a time, and that too should be relevant. Don’t ask two part questions like “what’s your new year goals and what do you want to focus on”, when you ask these types of questions they’ll give you answers you’re not prepared to address, and when you can’t address the questions they’ve answered you’ll look foolish and you’ve lost in the conversation. Even if you have two questions which you believe are linked together you should ask one at a time, you should always remember that your prospect is judging you based on the questions and responses he receives from you.

You don’t anticipate their answers

Most sales reps make the mistake of nodding their head or end up saying “OK”, without showing any appreciation to the prospect’s response, you should anticipate all the answers they’ve provided, this will help you steer up the conversation. You can show anticipation by providing value in the conversation, this means helping the prospect with helpful resources or information, or even recommending a product you actually don’t have, even if it’s from your competitors. Your goal is to solve their problem, not to sell right away. There is a saying that goes “stop selling and start serving”, that’s so true, serve your prospects first and they’ll serve you well in the future.

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