Interview Questions You Must Ask Your Sales Manager

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Interview Questions You Must Ask Your Sales Manager

For any business to thrive sales must occur and your sales reps are your soldiers who’re out in the field to get you the sales you’ve always wanted. However, without a qualified sales manager your sales reps will have no direction and will be unorganized.

Hiring your sales reps right in the first place starts with a sales manager, he’s responsible for building up the sales team that will promote your business, that’s to say he is the backbone of your sales team. If your sales manager fail to recruit the right sales reps for your business, your business will cripple before the journey begins.

You can see how crucial it is for ensuring you get the best sales manager for your business. In this article we share some of the best interview questions you need to ask before hiring any sales manager for your company;

Interview Questions You Must Ask Your Sales Manager

What Skills And Qualifications Do You Think Is A Must Have For Any Sales Rep?

Selling is all about skills, the best performing sales reps have the best skills, it’s important to ensure your sales manager knows all the important skills that are needed in order to succeed in the sales field.

By asking any sales manager this question you can sense their hiring capabilities, you’ll understand what they value in sales reps and fully understand if their management style is something your business needs.

What Made You Think You’re A Good Manager?

It’s a fact that almost every sales manager was once a sales rep, but just because someone is a good sales rep doesn’t mean he’ll be a great sales manager and hence don’t be convinced during the interview when they’re trying to tell you the results they’ve achieved in the field, managing sales reps is different than dealing with customers. Any good sales rep knows that sales rep skills are different from sales manager skills, your ideal candidate will provide examples that qualify them to lead your sales team.

Describe Your Leadership Style

This is another question you don’t want to miss in your sales manager interview. You need to figure out whether his leadership style is fit to run your business or not. Your ideal candidate should be able to mention some of the best practices that will help your businesses grow.

What Motivates Sales Team The Best?

Sales is a very challenging job, when there is a lot of rejections your sales reps will get frustrated, asking your sales manager this type of question will definitely set the pace. By asking this question you’ll understand whether is capable of moving the team forward or not. Your ideal candidate should be able to come up with motivation lever for your sales reps, you should also pick candidate with a nuanced response.

How Will Your Sales Reps Respect You?

There need to be trust and respect between sales reps and the sales manager, this is something that can’t be done overnight, it takes some time to build this relationship. Your ideal candidate should mention working hard and shouldn’t give any task to their sales team which they’re not willing to do themselves and providing actionable feedback that will encourage the sales team to reach their maximum potential.

What Tools Do You Think Are A Must Have For Sales Reps

You probably know that sales tools are a must for any sales team to do their job effectively. Asking this question will give an idea whether your candidate knows some of the best tools that are available in the market or not. Sales managers need to always think of a way to make life easier for sales reps so that they can always meet their target in time.

What Advice Do You Give Sales Reps On Their First Day At Work?

First day at job is very important and if they can’t provide a good answer to this question then they don’t have much experience in the field, let your candidate share a personal story that will convince you enough showing that they know what they’re doing. Your ideal candidate should have the ability to connect with new people at personal level.

These are some of the important questions you need to ask you sales manager before hiring them, there are lots of questions to ask, and you might ask whatever you want to ensure that they’re qualified to run your business.

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