Pebble Smartwatch Review – A Must Have For Sales Reps

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Pebble Smartwatch Review – A Must Have For Sales Reps

Pebble’s Expert Review: What exactly is it and how much will it cost?

It is an amazing watch or I can say a tool that allows you to connect with your Smartphone, almost anything you’re able to view on your Smartphone device is also available on this particular watch. It’s really an amazing product of those types of applications you make a choice to engage in a regular fashion (we will discuss more on this).

Pebble watch, there are two versions;

The Pebble which is available at $99 and the Steel version which is available at $199, the significant differences are mostly aesthetic in nature, Pebble is made of a plastic frame including an ordinary rubber wire and the Pebble Steel has an appearance that’s more like that of an ordinary watch, available in ether silver ormatte black with an additional option of a leather band or a chain.

Both of these styles have remarkable resistance to water, this feature can become handy when your phone rings and you’re about to get into your shower, this means you can simply take a look at your Smartwatch to view who’s calling and if it’s an urgent call you can dry up and respond fast. Both of these two designs have a long battery life which can be up to seven days.

Capabilities of Pebble Smartwatch

A typical Pebble Smartwatch is nothing but a typical customized view of those selected applications you would like to make use of, you can always pick and make a choice of what actually makes sense to you, whether it is a complete list of all the available apps or just a few selected features such as checking out weather details or having a look at your texts messages.

(Insider’s tip – I make use of Dark Sky app as it always sends me an alert on my Smartwatch about when it’s going to start raining). To further clarify our points, this implies that you can always find any restaurant, navigate to that place, and just simply check in without even touching your Smartphone!

Here is a quick check list of things that you actually can do by making use of your Pebble Smartwatch:

  • Have a look at your emails; no need to wait before getting back home to access using your laptop, this is a time saver because you can respond to urgent emails.
  • Have a look at your messages; you can read your messages, pebble watch comes with a clear screen that allows anyone to read their emails, though it’s a small screen, but one can read email messages without any problem.
  • Answer phone calls; you can answer your phone calls effectively.
  • Control audio which is currently being played on your Smartphone.
  • Take a look at your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook notifications; you can integrate this Smartwatch with all the popular social networks mentioned, as a business owner you can receive queries directly from these platforms without using your Smartphone or computer.
  • Have a quick look of your calendar; you can view your calendar which gives you access to your to do list, and can even set alerts.
  • Take a look at the fitness tracker apps such as the Jawbone UP.
  • Also, you can click on the shutter of your Smartphone camera.
  • Advance through the slides while in a power point presentation.
  • You also pay for your regular coffee at any Starbucks outlet.

And How Exactly Can Pebble Change Your Life

  • You can check your Smartphone messages using pebble Smartwatch.
  • You don’t have to take your Smartphone out of your pocket at a lesser frequency.
  • You’re also no longer a typical slave like others around your phone.

Pebble Smartwatch – Is It An Option?

We’ll, we’ve come to a time where Smartphones have replaced computers in many ways, and now Smart watches are on the rise to replace Smartphones in a lot of ways, instead of bringing out your phone every now and then to check time, calendar, notifications and a lot of other things, why not use a simple gadget that makes it easier. From my own point of view I can say that a Smartwatch is a must have for any professional business owner.

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