Mobile Sales Tool – Using Your Phones Camera As A Powerful Tool

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Mobile Sales Tool – Using Your Phones Camera As A Powerful Tool

Are you taking advantage of phone’s camera in your business or are you just using it to capture your meal and share it on Instagram? Or are you only using it for selfie? If yes, you better think again, there are a number of ways sales reps can benefit from their phone’s camera, and one of such uses is at trade shows.

Phone camera can be used as a great mobile sales tool, it can be used as merchandising guide, and it can be used as inventory tracker and more. It can also be used along with your order management software to simplify your tasks on the field. If you’re not aware of how phone camera can be used as a sales tool, this article will share some light on how you can benefit from it, we’ll take a look at how to use it to your advantage as a sales rep or in wholesale business in general.

Using Your Phone’s Camera As A Sales Tool

Use it to document the empty shelf-space for taking more orders

What you need to do while you’re buy with a client; simply take a snapshot of an empty display in order to provide an amazing visual representation of exactly what is needed and has to be filled appropriately. Supposing you’re a sales rep selling shoes and you are in the store for a visit and then you suddenly notice that a portion of a shoe rack which happens to be empty, you can simply take a quick photo and fill that in your suggested order to send to the owner, your life is so much easier with this simple and effective tool.

Easily capture retailer’s products at trade shows;

Whenever you are talking to a retail client at any trade show, you’re always just pulling your products off the given displays or shelves. When your conversation is about to end, you will have the items the buyer chooses on the table or rather on a completely separate rack. Instead of consuming your (and not to mention the buyer’s) precious time in marking down the chosen products with hand, you can simply take a photo for the selected products from your client and you can store them on your phone so that you can access whenever you need them.

Order management software also allow you to also write a quick merchandise order and also attach the respective photos for reminding your client for the exchange and also about the products that they have chosen, and can deliver them to their inbox even before they have left the trade show event.

Using your photos as merchandising guides

You can take a snapshot of any given POP display at trade shows or showroom and then use the photo for communicating about how the retailer is able to merchandise the product at hand when it’s available in the store. In situations where you have multiple display ideas, you can simply send photos and allow the retailer to make the selection they want. In this case you’re providing better user experience for helping the retailer to select the products using the photos shown to him.

Take photos of the business cards

Instead of copying contact information with a pen or adding a bunch of cards in your wallet or bag, you can just take screenshot and this screenshot can save in a separate folder for each client so that whenever you need the business details it’s already available in your their specified folder. As a sales rep you want to save time at everything you do and taking photos of documents for clients is a great time saver.

Use your phone’s camera along with sales order apps

Most of the sales order management apps you’ll be using require getting access to your phone’s camera and if your mobile device doesn’t have a good camera or none at all, you’re limited to using some features. There are situations where your client provides written details on a piece of paper and it’s your role as a sales rep to capture that data fast. Most sales order management apps can capture written data and present it in organized spreadsheet or table for easy access whenever you need such data.

These are some of the ways you can use phone camera to your advantage as a sales rep, one way or the other you’ll need your phone’s camera in the field, and you need to make sure you have phone with a camera that provide clear display of photos captured.

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