Order Entry App For iPad Will Transform Your Business

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Order Entry App For iPad Will Transform Your Business

Any successful supply chain requires an effective order management and fulfillment and that’s why every wholesale business needs tools that will help them process orders efficiently. There are a lot of transaction challenges in every wholesale supply chain and the only way to overcome them is by using the right tools and technology.

There are businesses still using the old system, by using old order entry systems most businesses believe they’re doing good with their business, they’ve no idea how much they’re missing by not implementing modern solutions that could have made their business perform better than they’re currently doing.

And the truth is that even some of the leading wholesales suppliers we have today haven’t embraced new order entry technology for their business. Powerful companies have joined the club and have experienced a huge impact.

Take Ceramo as an example, it’s one of the biggest distributors in the United States that specialize on importing and distributing pottery, accessories, lawn and garden containers, and more items you can think of. Have been around for over 70 years but are not using any modern order entry technology to handle orders.

Their marketing director, Alec Junge realized a lot of their competitors are using their ipad to place orders when he attends a trade show, he realized that’s something that could help their business as well and he began his search online to discover tablet apps that can used to write and place orders for customers.

He got himself one and it changed the way their company does business with customers, their sales reps are using order entry app for iPad to take and process orders on the field and at trade shows.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Tech companies already know the advantage of every piece of technology that’s released into the market but a lot of wholesalers are not aware how order entry apps can impact their business for good.

As a sales team manager, providing order entry apps for your sales team will set you apart from your competitors, they’ll accomplish more in less time and they’ll perform their job more effectively.

Order entry apps come with all the features that will help you control your wholesale business with ease, they allow you to process order, track every information you need, provide product information so that your sales reps can provide better experience to customers and a lot of more benefits you can think of.

Let’s share some of the top order entry apps for ipad that are worth trying, some of which are even free to use for your business;

Order Entry App For iPad

Handshake Sales

If you’re looking for a personalized order entry for your business at no cost, this app is for you. Handshake allow you to design your product catalog with ease, you can set your pricing options fast and can track all your stock in real time. If you’re dealing with multiple sales teams, this app helps you manage all your sales team on the fly.

Sales Manager Pro

This is another powerful app that helps sales reps to take orders quickly. You have the option to synch all data on cloud so that your data is always backed up. It comes with different languages, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc. It’s also capable of handling large amount of data and can print your invoices with ease.

Innovo OE Touch

A very user friendly app that let any sales rep process orders in real time. All the basic features you’re looking in order entry app are available in this app, it comes with advanced search that allow users to search for any particular order fast.

Distribution One Order Entry

It’s a simple app also for iPad and Iphone, but yet it’s highly functional when it comes to order entry for businesses, it has the option to create order templates and can also rearrange previous order fast.

These apps are absolutely free and trying these apps is a good way for a newbie to explore some of the features that come with order entry apps. Once you figured out that you need more features that are not available in these free apps, you can then upgrade to paid tools for better experience.

Order entry apps are a must have for businesses in this era to survive, if haven’t started using them, you need to upgrade your business.

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