Online Order Management App – Top 4 Reasons Why Every Wholesale Business Should Use Them

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Online Order Management App – Top 4 Reasons Why Every Wholesale Business Should Use Them

Traditional order management doesn’t work efficiently in these modern times, grabbing pen and paper to write down orders in the field and then get back to the office to write them down again is time consuming and provide more room for errors. Having a modern and effective online order management system in place for your business is beneficial to both your customer and sales reps.

Your sales reps are trying really hard to close more deals, you have make sure there is a quick process that allows them to process orders from clients, and the best way you can achieve that is by setting up online order management system which is simple and easy to set up, in most cases it can be set up for free and doesn’t involved any technicalities.

If you still want to explore the benefits of using online order management apps, keep reading this articles because we’ll share the positive impacts they have on your business.

Benefits Of Online Order Management Apps

Allow you to set up digital catalog

Digital catalogs are the best option for anyone that’s running a wholesale business with hundreds to thousands of products. Digital catalog will save you a lot time and resources compared to when you’re using printed catalogs, and most online order management apps will allow you to set up your digital product catalog effortlessly. You don’t need to have technical experience in order to set up your digital catalog, but to even simplify the task you can hire independent staff that will be responsible for adding and updating your digital catalog.

With digital catalog high resolution images can be uploaded and can add multiple photos for every product so that customers can have multiple views of the product. With digital catalog all your products can be grouped and organized with every detail of the product.

Add multiple brands in one interface

It’s difficult to work with multiple brands when carrying a bunch of papers, you’ll have to create separate files or folders for each brand and then have sub categories also. That isn’t needed with online order management apps because they allow you to organize all the brands you’re working with by creating well designed menu that list down all the products of any particular brand. You have the opportunity to display products that are out of customer line, this is a great way to display suggestions to customers other than their usual order. Listing all your brand on one single mobile interface is a great way to provide better experience to your customers.

Instant access to information

Most times your sales reps have to call back office to get updates regarding products which can be time consuming. You can give them all the information they need instantly, such as availability of the product in stock, price change or discount information regarding any product. As long as your sales rep is connected to the internet they can receive any update instantly, you don’t need to send it through email, you can of course send them alert if that’s the way you want things to go, but any information changed on the sales order app can be seen instantly.

Better and flexible sales process

This is another benefit of online order management apps; they give customers the freedom to order products from the comfort of their home. Anyone can access online order management app using their mobile device and hence allow customers to order worldwide provided they have internet connection. Invoice and receipt will be generated automatically, this means there no room for errors when it comes to processing orders, customers can review the price of products they’ve chosen and then place the order on their approval. If as a wholesaler you’re able to achieve this you’ll realize that the sales process has been reduced significantly, your sales reps can focus on talking to more prospects rather spending a lot of time taking manual orders.

Anyone that’s looking for efficiency in their business should set up online order management system, it’s really simple to integrate and if you find it complex to set up, you can hire freelancers out there to set up things for you at affordable rates. These are some of the major benefits of online order management apps and there are still other benefits that aren’t mentioned here, so with little search you can discover more and can find the right online order management app for your business.

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