Sales Competition – How Sales Reps Can Stand Out From Competition

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Sales Competition – How Sales Reps Can Stand Out From Competition

Selling is a very challenging task and one of the leading causes is competition, whichever product you might have or services you’re offering there are thousands of salespeople out there trying to sell that particular product or service, and chances are they might be more experienced than you when it comes to selling. If there is one simple strategy that will help you as a sales rep to close more sales is learning how to stand out from your competition.

You must be able to come up with a unique selling point that no one offers. Differentiating yourself from the competition isn’t an easy task, but in this article we’ll simplify things for you so that you can learn how to communicate with your prospects without worrying about competition.

Don’t speaking about your competition

You might think; how the hell can I show that I am better than my competitors without talking about their shortfall? Research shows that talking about competition hardly plays an important role when it comes to closing the deal. When you present your product or service without talking about competition, it makes you look more professional and confident. Chances are your prospect doesn’t even know about your competitors, but by mentioning them in the conversation they might even consider making research on them to see if they have the product or service they’re looking for, that means you might end up promoting their business for free. I know it’s hard to believe but don’t mention your competitors unless it’s necessary for comparison.

Only ask a single question at a time

When it comes to sales, asking multiple questions at a time is ineffective and most of the time the prospect will feel overwhelmed. You should only ask one thoughtful and relevant question at a time. By asking the right question at the appropriate time you can discover the pain and struggles that will in turn help you come up with solutions to their problems and can also build unique selling points that allow you to sell your products with ease.

Don’t tell them features, show them the benefits

When prospects actually buy your product, they’re not buying the features; they’re buying the benefits that come with the product or service. That’s why as a sales rep you should always focus on showing or demonstrating the benefits that come with your product or service rather than talking about the features only. You can as well state the features but you have to explain the benefits of each feature, and by benefits we mean showing the impact a product will have their life or business, if it’s a business service always show them how their profit will skyrocket or how they can save a lot of money, because in the end every business is looking for two things; make more money or save more money. So don’t ignore telling the benefits.

Add value in your conversation

Instead of just pushing the product, why not discover the problem they’re facing and then offer free helpful information or share important resources that will help them overcome the challenges they’re facing. You should explain to businesses how they’re leaving money on the table by not taking some actions and you’ll see how they’re going to trust you, when you offer a lot of free value in the conversation it’s easier to sell the product than just talking about product features.

Be there on time

Most salespeople believe that being late for some minutes to appointment or even making calls isn’t a big deal but they don’t realize that any serious business owner knows that a salesperson that’s late for their meeting or call can’t live up to the promise of their product or service, and hence can’t be trusted. If you can’t show up on time, it’s a sign you don’t have discipline, and you need to work on that. Being late for meetings shows that you don’t value prospect’s time and you’re not a man of integrity. Always be at the meeting point some minutes earlier in order to avoid any delay on the way.

Over deliver

Prospects are always looking for more value in any deal, and if you want to stand out from the competition you should deliver more than them. We’re not telling you to starve your business to death, you just need to come up with ideas that will add more value to your product or services that’s not provided by your competition.

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