What Line Sheet Is All About And How To Create One For Wholesale Businesses

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What Line Sheet Is All About And How To Create One For Wholesale Businesses

If you’re new to wholesale business you’ve probably heard about a line sheet but don’t actually know what it means and how it could help your business, this article will explain it all for you and how to create one for your wholesale business.

Selling a few products isn’t a big deal for retailers and wholesaler but when it comes to selling hundreds of products where most of them have different variations, like shape and size, colors, it’s difficult to track product delivery. As a wholesaler you have to provide information for each and every product you have in store.

Line sheets are designed to make life easier to wholesalers so that they can organize their products with ease when it comes to distribution.

What’s A Line Sheet?

In simple terms a line sheet is a document that lists your wholesale products in organized and clean way. A line sheet though doesn’t provide everything in detailed, it’s just like a shorthand catalog that shows basic information about all products in your store or from a category of products you sell. Line sheets are designed for buyers so that they can go through fast and make buying decisions right away.

Who Should Use A Line Sheet?

Line sheet originated from the fashion industry, they’re the first to use line sheets. Retailers show interest on products and it takes some time before they figure out whether it’s available in the store or not. Fashion designers are dealing with a lot of products and that too in different sizes, colors, and fabric, a single product can have 100 variations and there is the need to use a line sheet in order to organize all the products that are available in store.

Generally speaking every wholesaler can take advantage of line sheet especially electronic manufactures, furniture manufacturers and so on. Any wholesaler with products that come with multiple configuration or specifications need to use line sheet if they really want to organize their product catalog with ease. Instead of spending a lot of time answering buyer questions about a product you lay it down for them in organized sheet.

How To Create A Line Sheet

Showcase Your Products

First you need to pick the products you want to showcase at the top. This should be your best selling products or a new product you want to promote to your buyers. You can create a separate line sheet to each customer provided they buy in bulk from your store, creating a line sheet for each customer isn’t a big deal, you don’t need to do that from scratch, you just need to customize in a way that it fits their product demand.

When creating line sheet for each customer you don’t have to include every product in store, only products that are relevant. Some wholesalers make the mistake of adding all products in alphabetical order without taking note of relevancy to the customer; you’ll be losing lots of sales with this technique.

Divide Your Products Into Categories

If you still have a lot of products to add in a line sheet there is the need to categorize them so that every customer that’s looking for products within a group can find them easily and they can view other relevant products within the category.

Adding Details To Your Line Sheet

After deciding on how you want to arrange the products, you should now figure the information to add on every product listing, this is a must or you’ll end up spending most of your time answering questions about product specifications.

Some of the most important details to add include; product price, shipping information, delivery time, the time to clear payment ( 30 days or more), Do you offer the option to cancel order within a certain period of time?  What happens if good received are damaged, and every important information that’s relevant to retailers. As a wholesaler who has been in business for some time you should know buyers concerns and you have to address them or else be ready to put together sales team that will handle customer query.

Here are some tips for creating a line sheet;

  • You should add your company logo
  • Minimize text, add only numbers or a few words
  • Contact information is also a must
  • Payment and shipping terms also included
  • When creating line sheets for specific customer always double check to ensure all products are relevant.

These are some hints on how to create line sheets, it can be challenging to create one from the beginning but you can always view samples online and there are templates available to help you build up your own ideas. Just download a template and edit to your preference.

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