Sales Habits Every Sales Team Must Have

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Sales Habits Every Sales Team Must Have

Habit is what separates the best from the unknown and as the saying goes “we become what we repeatedly do”. There are habits you need to instill in your sales team if you really want to achieve higher targets for the company. In this article we share some of the best habits every sales person need to adopt if they want to be successful.


Without proper planning you cannot achieve great results in any aspect of business, as a sales rep it all begins with proper planning. Some sales reps don’t have great selling skills but because they can plan their promotions carefully, they’re able to achieve great results for the company. Planning and preparing on how to approach customers especially high paying customers will help you overcome all challenges with ease and you’ll be able to meet all expectations they have.


You’ve got only 24 hours and the people you spend your time with will determine your success as a sales rep. You have to qualify your prospects because you don’t want to spend your time on someone who isn’t interested or can’t buy your product. Spending your valuable time on prospects that haven’t yet reach a buying decision is worse than losing to your competitors. Before you begin sales conversation with any prospect you have to make sure they’re your ideal prospect, ensure they can afford your product and can make buying decisions right away.

Hold On To Your Promise

Some sales reps offer false promises to customers without confirming whether what they’re promising is available or not. Some do it intentionally to get the sale, and when prospect bought the product they get disappointed. Great sales reps hold on to their promise and they check the product details or backend office to ensure they can deliver what they’ve told their prospects. There are a lot of sales deals that have gone off because of false promises from sales reps; you don’t want to be on that side.

Ask for referrals

This is the simplest way you can expand you sales network. Whenever closed the sale with a customer always ask for referrals especially if they’re happy with the solution you provided to them. Less than 20% of sales people ask for referral from their current customers, they’re leaving a lot of deals on the table. These referrals aren’t going to cost you anything, it’s free and a referral is a qualified prospects because customers sending the referral have a certainty they require your products or services, and the good thing is that 90% of the time customers will say yes to your referral request.


Closing the sale isn’t about talking product benefits or why you’re better than your competitors. You must master the art of listening, when you combine listening and questioning your prospects you’ll be getting the sale really easy and fast. You need to first understand what they’re going through, ask them questions and the type solutions they’re looking for, you can then you can come up with solutions and demonstrate how your strategy can benefit them in the long run.


Great sales reps take responsibility of their actions; every effective and high performing sales rep must make this a priority. Taking responsibility of your actions as a sales rep will keep you motivated and the only thing that matters to you is your job.

Effective Sales Process

You can’t achieve much without effective sales process in place. You need to have the best tools available in the market to leverage your sales process; everything must be tracked so that you can come up with more ways to improve your selling skills. You should remove informal sales structures and processes if you want to achieve amazing results.

Sales Coaching

This is another important factor or habit that separates high performers from the rest. There should be a great sales coaching system where the best of your team members can interact or reach less experienced sales reps so that they can help them perform better and this will help your sales team move forward.

These are some of the habits every sales team need to embrace if they want to succeed, you should always search for more and get help from as many resources as you can.

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