Sales Apps – How They Can Help Your Business Sell More

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Sales Apps – How They Can Help Your Business Sell More

I bet you’ve previously heard about the saying “knowledge is power”, if you really want become a great salesperson you need to have as much knowledge as you can on your prospects. most of the time these prospects don’t know exactly what they want, it’s your responsibility as a sales rep to use resources, tools and apps to discover what they want, and how they want it before they discover that on themselves. If you let them discover that they’ll definitely look for options your product doesn’t have.

You have to search for data points, social media activities, and other behavioral activities that will help you understand your prospects better than your competitors. In order to achieve this you need effective sales apps that will provide real time data on your prospects, you can use these apps to spy on every online marketing channel they are using, if you’re to conduct research manually on your prospects you know it will take a lot of time to explore one single prospect, not even talking of hundreds or thousands. The point here is that sales apps are a must have for any salesperson that want to succeed.

Let’s show you how sales apps can improve your business in different ways.


Sales apps are convenient for everyone, both the sales rep and the customer. As a sales rep you’ll be able to automate most of the sales tasks, and for customers they’ll find it easier to explore any product they want. Sales apps can be downloaded by customers so that they get to know about your products and services from the comfort of their home. For sales reps they can install the app on their Smartphone without the need to carry a lot of paper presentations to the prospect, you can see that life is easier for both customers and sales reps

Gather your leads in one place

It’s all starts with finding leads you believe need solutions offered by your products and services. You don’t want to have your leads spitted even if you have multiple sales reps, you also don’t want to your sales reps to call back office in order to enquire about new leads. With sales apps in place you leads can be organized and every important data and information will be stored so that sales reps can access any time they want. The days of using paper is gone; you need to be automating lead capture and management using sales apps.

Managing tasks

For field reps there are a lot of tasks that need to be done and you need to master how to organize your daily tasks. Carrying a bunch of papers these days won’t work, you need an effective management system that will help you stay organized with ease. Every day before you get out on the field as a sales rep you need to plan and organize the entire tasks you want to accomplish, you should set schedules and alerts for important tasks.

Easy follow up

Business deals can hardly be closed in one meeting, follow ups will be required in order to close most deals. You need to record all prospects’ behavior so that you can always advance in the next conversation. With sales app you can create separate profile for each prospect where you can record their problem, and every important note that will persuade them to buy the product. When you record such data for prospects, you can take time during the day to examine the data so that you can come up with strategies that will help win the prospect, only by using sales apps you can handle such data effectively.

Effective order management system

And finally sales apps will help you handle order smoothly and effectively. Instead of sending manual invoice and waiting for the customer to respond why not use a system that automate everything, right from sending invoice, collecting payment, delivering receipts and any other procedure that’s involved. With sales order apps customers can place order right from their phone or using your device and receipt can be printed if you have the right gadgets and can be sent to their emails. Sales apps will definitely play a great role in shortening your order cycle and that’s something you don’t want to miss as a sales rep.

These are some of the ways sales apps can transform your business, there are lots of benefits for using sales apps and you just don’t want to ignore them in your business.

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