Sales Order Automation Apps – How To Maintain Strong Relationships With Customers

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Sales Order Automation Apps – How To Maintain Strong Relationships With Customers

If you’re still using outdated and manual order systems for your business you’re definitely reducing customer satisfaction and overall profitability of your business. Sales order apps are well designed to save you time and boost your profit without investing more money in your business or putting a lot of effort. If customer satisfaction is your top priority you have to use sales order automation apps to enhance your sales process. Manual order taking does nothing other than slowing down your sales cycle.

When you take sales orders on paper, you need to store the documents which require buying a physical space, that means more costs for your business, and secondly you need to hire a staff that will route all the documents. Wouldn’t you rather invest little money on sales order automation apps so that you save yourself thousands of dollars and speed up your entire sales process?

What’s Sales Order?

It’s a document generated by the seller when they received purchase order from clients that specify product details such as, pricing, product type, shipping address, or terms and conditions if applicable.

Normally the traditional order taking process involves the following;

  • The seller will send a quote to their customer.
  • When the buyer received, they’ll in turn send purchase order.
  • The seller will then use the purchase order to create sales order.
  • The customer again reviews all product details including price, product type and delivery date. Some businesses however skip this process.
  • When product is shipped from seller, an invoice will be created from the sales order.

You can now see the long process of doing things manually, the time it takes to clear checks is another mess to every business owner. With automated sales apps, customers can place orders instantly and their order will be processed the moment they input their payment details, invoice and receipt will be generated on complete autopilot.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits of sales order processing apps;

Key Benefits Of Sales Order Automation Apps

Save Time On Order Entry

This is one of the great benefits of sales order apps, it helps sales team save a lot of time than when processing orders manually, it can take days before the order is processed if using traditional order taking systems. Sales order apps will save you a lot of paper work, entering data has never been easier with sales order apps. There is far less risk of errors because payment information can be verified instantly, there would be no repetitive data, once information is stored it can be sent to multiple databases.

Better Customer Service

Before placing order customers want to get all the information they need fast and there is no better to provide complete products details than using order apps. If your app is hosted online, your customers can place order at home, they’ll have all information at their disposal. Instead of giving them a lot of paperwork to go through when looking for particular information, or as a sales rep you might need to call back office to check for more information, you can access it easily using sales order apps. Companies can hire independent staff that will be responsible for updating product catalog. Sales reps can only focus on building relationship with prospects and customers can have better experience for doing business with your company.

Reduce Account Costs

Sales order apps come with a lot accounting features, with paper input it takes a lot of time to calculate and analyze data. While sales order apps can sort data in organized form to view analytical data with ease, for example you can know the number of sales for each day, you view the number refunds, you’ll be able view any stat from all your sales team.

Data Control

When customers cannot access their order details until the information has passed through various department of the company, a lot of misunderstandings can occur. Data input error is at bare minimum and the data can be accessed by anyone. Customers can login to view details before finalizing payments and they’ll be able to track their shipments.

Take Orders Worldwide

With your sales order app integrated to a reliable payment processing system you can take orders worldwide provided you have internet connection. The only limitations you’ll have as a wholesaler is calculating shipping costs since it varies from one location to another.

Overall I can say that anything that will take customers problems away and will help you win the sale fast, you should definitely embrace it, and that’s exactly what sales order apps do. They ensure everyone is happy for doing business with you and can track all your transactions easily. By looking at some of these benefits that come with sales order apps, you realize that they’ll bring progress to your business rather than harm, and there is a need to give them a try.

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