Smartwatch For Sales Reps – Apple Watch Vs. Pebble Watch

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Smartwatch For Sales Reps – Apple Watch Vs. Pebble Watch

Most people don’t really think about owning a Smartwatch, they’re all after luxury; they’re always looking for that new shiny Rolex chain watch. But they don’t realize a Smartwatch has better benefits than a luxurious and expensive watch. So far the best Smartwatches available in the market are Pebble and Apple watch, and there’s a lot of battle going on between these two smart watches, all the two come with unique features that make them different. In this article we’ll review all these two smart watches by looking into the features they come with and some of their similarities and differences.

Apple Watch Vs Pebble Watch


Size is one of the important things to consider in every watch, some want to get the lightest Smartwatch, and when it comes to size pebble is the lightest smart watch you can have, it’s the thinnest smart watch that has been around for long, there is no any contest about this. The time round for pebble is just 7.5mm, which is sleeker than you wrist and the leather band it comes with only weight one ounce.

The Apple Smartwatch on the other hand weight more than pebble watch, its wearable is 10.5mm thick. We can see that both the two smart watches are the best lightest Smartwatches you can find in the market.


Both the two smart watches are built with high quality materials, you’re sure that they’ll last for long. The apple watch is smooth and seamless, it’s built with Iron X glass and 7000 aluminum and the smart watch is water resistant, the digital crown and button are precise and it feels solid.

While pebble on the other hand is build with gorilla glass and marine grade stainless steel. They’ve improved their buttons over the years for improved efficiency, the case is well designed which has better edges than apple watch.

Battery life and recharger

They almost come with similar recharger; both watches come with chargers that attach magnetically to the device. Pebble watch has a small port at the back of the watch, while apple watch charges by induction and the recharge port is hardly noticeable.

And talking of battery life pebble claims their battery to last for 2 days which isn’t bad and they’ve definitely lived up to that promise, as a matter of fact, if you’re not using apps a lot and you stay away from backlight it can last for 3 days. Your app usage will play a great role when it comes to the battery life.

While apple watch on the other side promise 18 hours battery life, that’s less than what Pebble offers, with by minimizing app usage it can last for a maximum of 2 days. You have to set the watch to lower mode in order to extend battery life for long.

User interface

There isn’t much differences with it comes to user interface, one of the biggest differences between the two is when it comes to UI, the pebble watch is button based, while apple watch is button combinations, touch and scrolling, and also has pressure sensitive force touch.

They almost come with a lot basic functionality when it comes to interface, it just depend on your taste.

These are some of the features we’ll discuss; let’s now take a look at the pros of each one of them.

Pros of apple Watch

  • It’s integrated with Iphone; apple users will definitely love the apple watch than anyone.
  • You can respond to emails and text messages right from your phone.
  • You can find a lot of useful apps since it’s an apple product, a lot of developers always want to flock on apple platform.
  • It comes with fitness app and heart rate monitor.
  • Touch screen and color retina display.


  • It’s expensive, the basic version costs around $350 and other top models cost $600 or more.
  • Short battery life of 18 hours, that’s less than 24 hours.
  • You need an Iphone to enjoy the watch fully.
  • The interface isn’t user friendly.
  • Though it’s integrated with Iphone but communication is slow.

Pebble Watch Pros

  • Have better battery life; it lasts for 2-3 days.
  • Its interface is user friendly.
  • It’s lighter than most smart watches.
  • It’s water resistant.
  • It’s affordable than other Smart watches including Iphone.


  • There is no much apps for the watch.
  • Not as attractive as other smart watches.

These are some of the few comparisons between the world leading smart watches, every effective sales person need to have a smart watch and you should look forward to choose between any of these two smart watches.

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