How Technology Can Make A Difference In Your Wholesale Business

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How Technology Can Make A Difference In Your Wholesale Business

Successful businesses embrace every new technology that can improve their business, whether it will save them time or can help them become more productive, they’re always looking forward to working with new technology. But it’s surprising that up till now some wholesalers aren’t utilizing technological advancements to their advantage. Doing business the old fashioned way will cost you more time that could have been spent on other important areas of the business or can speed up the money making process in your company.

Though, it’s not every sales technology you have to embrace that comes into your way, you just need to sort out your business needs and then find apps, software, and gadgets that will simplify the task for you. If you’re still not convinced on the positive impact of technology on your business, then we’ll share with you how it can improve your business for better.

Advertize your business better

Nothing is more important than getting more exposure for your business and using computer technology that’s available today, you can improve your business promotions drastically, if you know how to do it right you can start creating awareness within a few hours. In the olden days you can only advertize through billboards and other traditional media that are ineffective and doesn’t guarantee results, plus they’re way more expensive, in most cases it can’t be afforded by small businesses. Now with banners and pop ups that can be shown on high traffic websites, things are really better and almost every business can afford on a limited budget.

Better tracking

Most businesses aren’t scared of investing money on promotions, but one doubt they want to clear up is that how many people are viewing their advertisement. Using traditional media like TV and Radio, it’s almost impossible to monitor the number of people that view or hear your advertisement. But with the power of digital marketing, you can track almost everything, you can view the people that are watching your ads and can even monitor their activities on your websites.

Self order

Now you don’t need to send your sales agent to all your customers in order to take orders, with online systems in place customers can order products without visiting your shop. And this means your business can go global with ease because everyone can place order and all items can be shipped to any destination worldwide. They can also track their order shipment; these give customers a piece of mind. Self ordering is more convenient and saves a lot of time to both the wholesaler and their customers.

Social networks

There is no better way to build your brand than using social networks, most of your target audience are on social media, and these social platforms makes it easier for businesses to reach out more audience without breaking the bank. The good thing about social networks is that almost everyone can afford to advertise, it doesn’t matter what your budget is, though the bigger the advertizing budget the more benefits you’ll get. But social media allow small scale wholesalers to promote their products with ease; Social media is truly a game changer for businesses, that’s why as a sales rep you don’t want to ignore social platforms. You don’t necessarily have to spend money to advertize on social media, you can promote your business for free by building audience that’s interested in your products, it won’t be easy though and will take some time before you build a large following on social media.

Sales process automation

This is another way technology played a role in the life of wholesalers, a lot of tasks that took hours to execute can now be done in 1/5th of the time, and that is because of the powerful tools, apps, software and gadgets that aid the process. Shortening the sales process is important for wholesale businesses, it allow sales reps to engage with more prospects, that’s to say they’ll focus on hitting more numbers for your business instead of wasting time on menial tasks.

These are just a few ways technology can make a difference in your wholesale business. Technology though come with some downsides but most of the time it has positive impact on your business, you need embrace every new technology that show up and the one that can benefit your business, also you must learn how to use it to grow your business for better. It’s not just about investing on every new shiny gadget that pop up; it’s about discovering how it could make impact on your business.

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