The best Route Planning Apps for Sales Reps

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The best Route Planning Apps for Sales Reps

As a sales rep you always want to make sure you have a productive day, and the best way to achieve that is by planning your entire day, route apps makes it easier for sales reps to plan all their activities with ease. With ease I mean planning your activities without clashing with each and other, and achieving meaningful results every single day.

Almost every successful sales rep uses route planning apps in their journey because they’re a great deal when it comes to staying organized and focused on the field. As a sales rep you don’t need to be convinced much on how route planning apps can be beneficial in your journey since you’re already looking for ways to ease up your route planning process.

The big challenge comes to choosing the right app that suit your needs and budget, and that’s where you need some help in choosing the best route planning apps for your business. In this article we make things easier, we’ll list down some good route planning apps and their features so that it’s easier for you to decided on the right one for your business.


Portatour enables sales personnel to design their courses for as long as 28 days ahead of time, including altering them when there are retractions or pivotal arrangements to the timetable. It’s an incredible opportunity for field sales reps from in any industry. Because it contains adjustable import choices, it provides flexibility to both physically upload client data or associate to your ERP or CRM.

Portatour can be optimized for numerous components, including limiting driving distance and simultaneously amplifying the quantity of store visits you have during the day. Different highlights incorporate the capacity to rank arrangements by priorities, view driving time for daily records and establish reminders.

Furthermore, it can record your preferred lodgings, repeat appointments, and customary days off. Portatour services in Australia, North America, Europe and South Africa. This application can be obtained is available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry users, there is also desktop version for Windows, linux, and Mac. Additionally, it has offline access feature, during which one can still view the present route, arrangements and client data.

Badger Maps

Badger Maps enables clients to immediately visualize client areas and courses on a map, and devise your timetable. Just as Portatour, you can respond to sudden timetable changes and lessen the time taken to drive by optimizing your course. This app additionally offers special highlights that Portatour lacks such as live traffic from Google Maps, enabling you to evade traffic. Badger also aids you in finding new clients by searching similar retail shops within the region. To really utilize Badger Maps’ highlights, it’s ideal to link the application to a CRM, which a feature most wholesalers are probably not utilizing. Similar to Portatour, Badger Maps takes into account manual client import utilizing either an Excel or CSV file, like the CRM combinations previously talked about. ERP combinations nonetheless, are accessible only via their costly “Endeavor Elite” plan; an additional drawback is the lack of offline mode. This application comes in web version, android and iOS.

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator was previously promoted for our Calendar and travel App. However, we’re utilizing it here too as it is a great alternative for course mapping arrangements. In addition to being able to accomplish what the other two apps can do such as course optimization according by priority and shorter driving distance, it can coordinate with your iOS and Outlook, or Google calendars to assist with overseeing and adjusting arrangements. These arrangements are viewable in a rundown structure, or as a day by day course.

Additionally, Sales Navigator enables you to find new prospective customers like Badger Maps and utilize offline mode similar to Portatour.  Nonetheless, it lacks live traffic updates, besides that, only iOS gadgets can use this app. Even essential features such as timetable optimization and travel time views can only strictly be obtained via iPad. Hence, we would endorse this application for iPad owners but if you’re using other OS on your mobile devices, it would be better to consider the other two applications.

These are some of the route planning apps that made to our list, you don’t necessarily need to stick to this list, you can explore other options by searching online, you just to pick a route planning app that has all the features you’re looking for and the one that will simplify your day.

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