Sales Gadgets Every Sales Rep Needs To Simplify Their Work

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Sales Gadgets Every Sales Rep Needs To Simplify Their Work

Sales is all about connecting with people but that doesn’t mean as a sales rep you won’t be needing tools that will simplify the process for you. It doesn’t matter the type of sale rep you’re, whether on the field on working in the office, you still need simple and powerful tools that will help you stay organized all day long. Using the right tools as a sales rep will allow you to achieve more results with less time, that’s why you need every tool or app that can make your life easier.

The Tools Needed By Sales Reps Can Be Categorized Into Three;

Stay Organized

As a field rep you’ll always be busy meeting with clients, staying in hotels, dining with clients, and meeting clients in the office and so on. Before you know it you’ll be distracted by irrelevant things or focusing on clients that haven’t made any commitments to your products and services and hence staying organized will help perform better in the field.

Which gadgets do you need in order to stay organized?

Electronic Luggage Tags

Since you’ll be traveling a lot and you’ll be carrying luggage most of the time, sometimes you’ll be struggling to find your luggage and with this gadget you can track and locate them easily. This is a helpful gadget but only available on some few airlines and Lufthansa is one of such air line that supports this technology, you’ll benefit from it when you travel internationally.

Tile App

This sales gadget will help a lot from the moment you set your foot out of the door. This is a small gadget that can fit into your wallet or pocket and can be attached with your key ring. It’s better to use the tile app on keys because when you lose them you can track them with the app which is installed on your phone. Not only that, tile app can also find your phone when it’s lost.

Anywhere In The Office

One of the challenges faced by field sales reps is accessing tools and information that’s only available in the office when talking with a client. Wherever you’re, you can always do your job with all the resources you need available to you. Here are some helpful gadgets that will help;

HP OfficeJet 250

If you spend most of your days in the car, you need the HP OfficeJet 250, it’s your mobile printer and doesn’t weight like you typical printer, it a little heavy though but can be used when you’re in a limited space.

Nexus 6P

This gadget allow sales reps to combine their mobile devices into one, sometime you’ll get confused when you’re looking for a file, you’re not sure whether it’s on your mobile or on your iPad, this gadget will simplify things for you because it allows you to consolidate a number of devices into one. Devices like these are called Phablets, they’ll help you travel light without carrying bulky devices.

Stay Connected

The next sets of gadgets you need are the ones that help you stay connected. Mobile gadgets have revolutionized the way sales reps conduct their business, it’s not easy however to stay connected when you’re on the field, you’ll always run out of energy for your devices and you need internet connection. That’s the gadgets we’ll share next to help you stay connected with clients or businesses;

Brunton Power Knife

It’s a tough task to carry multiple cables for every trip, forget the heaviness, you’ll be leaving some behind in the hotel. This gadget will help you charge your mobile device with ease and it’s a light device that’s comfortable to travel with and also comes with regular USB port for charging laptop.

D-Link AC750 Portable Charger

This is another gadget you need when it comes to energy consumption and wifi connection. Wifi is one of the biggest challenge of field reps especially those that travel internationally, you might have Wifi access in the hotel but most of the time very poor and that’s when this app becomes helpful. The D-Link AC750 portable charger comes with router and also a charger for recharge all your devices without needing external power sources. It also helps you to secure private network from a public hotspot.

There are lots of gadgets available out there that will simplify your life as a sales rep you just need to figure out the ones you need the most and add them you’re your gadget collection.

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