The Most Effective Incentive Plans That Will Keep the Sales Team Motivated

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The Most Effective Incentive Plans That Will Keep the Sales Team Motivated

If there is one thing that can keep your sales rep motivated, then it’s nothing other than incentives, as selling is a hard process you have to do all you can to make it very rewarding for your sales team. However, it’s not every incentive that can appeal sales reps; you have to come up with creative ideas that will make them put all their efforts to promote your product or services.

Providing general incentive or bonuses to all your team members won’t work, you have to do all you can to find what impressed everyone and then offer it to them provided it’s reasonable. There is a saying “if you want people to give you what you want, you have to give them what they want”, that’s applicable when it comes to working with your sales team, help them get what they’re looking for and they’ll definitely work hard to help you achieve your goals and targets.

In this article we’ll share incentive ideas that will help you encourage your sales team to dedicate their time in promoting your business and also improve your relationship with them.

Effective Incentive Plans That Will Keep the Sales Team Motivated

Here is the list of some creative and effective incentive ideas for the sales team to keep them motivated and full of enthusiasm.

Providing prime sport for parking: Sales representatives don`t like parking their vehicles far away from office and then taking a walk to reach office, this makes them demotivated because it wastes their time and energy as well. Therefore, one of the incentive that can be used to keep sales people motivated is to give them an opportunity and reward as a facility to park at prime location near office which will save them from hassles of parking far away from office.

Lunch with Chief Executive Officer: Recognition among peers is the least expensive incentive plan but pursuit of recognition among employees drives the passion and hard work to an entire new level of enthusiasm. By providing sales people with opportunity to dine in with chief executive officer gives them the feeling of recognition and they also get the chance to see the mindset of the leaders of the company.

Gift cards: Gift cards are like an appreciation of efforts by the company and employees see them as an achievement. So in order to keep the sales people motivated, you can give customizable gift cards to employees to show them appreciation of their hard work.

Entertainment tickets: Entertainment tickets are commonly used incentive plan to keep the sales people motivated. These entertainment tickets include movies and concert passes, football and other sports events tickets. Through this, employees get a chance to spend some good time.

Winner`s choice: You can also design your incentive plan on winner`s choice principle in which winner or top performer gets the chance to select his own rewards or perks but that should be reasonable and fair reward.

One day boss: Sales employees get motivated when you give them the authority to do things their way even for a day. So in this incentive plan, you can provide the top performer a reward to be one day boss and run things his way.

Paid Offs: Sales reps are hard working people and sometimes they also have to work through the nights and even the weekends to achieve their target of sales, therefore providing them a paid leave will give them a sense of appreciation for the hard work they put in and they also need some time to take a break from office routine work.

Fine Dining: This incentive plan will give sales representatives a memorable experience in appreciation of their hard work but you have to take care of everyone`s taste for this type of incentive idea.

Yoga class or Gym membership: This incentive plan will give sales representative the feeling that you also thinks about the personal development of employees along with their career development. Employees get motivated when they are given a chance to maintain a balance with work and life.

Adventure activities: One of the most effective incentive plan is providing sales people the unforgettable experience related to adventures like hiking and skiing.

Opportunities for learning: You can provide employees the opportunities for learning to equip them with more knowledge regarding their relevant area of work as a gesture of appreciation of their hard work.

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