Sales Tips – How To Motivate Your Sales Team With Contests

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Sales Tips – How To Motivate Your Sales Team With Contests

Increasing sales is always the topic of discussion in any company and if you want to make sure that your sales team is always working on it without losing drive you have to create contests. Some businesses prefer to offer an incentive, that’s not bad either. But contest is way better since they’ll be competing with their colleagues, and as you know it’s a human nature to try and out perform their peers in almost everything.

So that’s why you have to do all you can to design a contest that’s not available in other companies and make sure your sales team love it. In this article we’ll show you how to motivate your sales team with contest and the reasons why you need to start creating contest for your sales team if you haven’t yet started doing it.

How To Motivate Your Sales Team With Contests

Sales contest is considered as a traditional way to keep sales people motivated and in competition. Following is the benefits that you can get from sales contests:

Recognition and Competition desire of employees

Pursuit of recognition and competition drives the enthusiasm level of sales people to an entire new level and this pursuit can aided with sales contests to create an healthy environment of competition.

Increase performance around key performance indicators

Sales contests help you in spiking the performance of sales people in area of your key performance indicators to increase the sales outcomes.

Refining KPIs for sales

Sales contests help sales team to spike performance around different key performance indicators for sales to see which one is more valuable.

Creating opportunities for coaching

After knowing about the most important performance indicator for sales, you have to coach the employees how to increase their effectiveness around that particular key performance indicator and increase the sales outcome.

CRM data cleaning

Quality CRM data is a very valuable resource for the company and sales contests can help in creating quality CRM data but is considered as least utilized use of contests of sales.

Sales contest plays very important role in the success of company most importantly considering the financial profits on sales so the proper planning and right execution of the sales contests is very valutable. Following is the list of how you can keep your sales people motivated with sales contests.

Focusing on goals of groups

Competition of sales people in teams can really fuel up the environment of competition and can really increase the number of sales as every one`s efforts will be on stake either you take all or you lose all. So this creates a very healthy competitive environment that helps in achieving the company`s true mission.


Those employees who are making consistent sales everyday throughout the month are more valuable to the company and company also tries to appreciate that employee with different incentives. These consistent employees are displayed as role model to other employees to make consistency an ultimate aim for every sales representative.

Order Volumes

Companies love big orders generating larger profits and they also pay huge bonuses to those employees that get that big orders and it makes the other employees feel they are losing the competition but the company should take care of this situation by rewarding those employees who works too hard to bring sales and this will let all of them aiming for best results.

Quick Start

Sales managers and his sales team feel more pressure at the end of the sale period if the specific set target of sales is not achieved, therefore in order to save all from the anxiety sales manager should plan to hit at least 55 % of the target sales and also provide more bonuses to those employees who bring early sales.

Shelf space

Contests for new shelf helps you grab more market share by having more space available for your products in the market as compared to your competitors. It creates opportunity for more sales by the sales team.

These are some of the ways to craft contest for your sales reps, you should always search for more ideas online and also don’t forget to find out which reward is loved by your sales team the most so that you don’t end up creating a boring contest where they don’t want to participate.

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