Top Books Every Sales Manager Should Read For Better Sales Team Management

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Top Books Every Sales Manager Should Read For Better Sales Team Management

The famous quotes; “the more you read the more you earn” and “leaders are lifetime learners” are two principles you must live by as a sales manager. Consumer behaviors are continuously changing and you have to learn new strategies in order to tackle the challenges faced by your sales team. The only way to ensure that is by continuous learning, books should be your best friend.

By reading a single book from an expert in any field you’ll learn a life time experience they’ve gone through in that industry, imagine all the problems and obstacles they’ve faced, all the book they’ve also read and the ideas they’ve tried and tested but didn’t work for them, until finally they come up with strategies that worked for them, and they now published all these experience in a single book that’s no more than 200 pages. By reading books you’re immersing your brain into a wealth of knowledge that only very few have access to.

But more importantly you need to apply all that which you’ve learned from these books, reading a book is like having a mentor, most of the time authors are sharing story of their life and series of events that have shaped their life, learning from them will save you the years it took them to overcome a lot of challenges. In this article we’ll share some of the top books we believe every sales manager should read in order to improve their leadership skills and learn how to manage sales team effectively.

The ultimate Sales machine, by Chet Holmes

This is a great sales book that shows managers how to put together a sales team that’s capable of achieving great results for any company they’re working for. Holmes is a salesman with a good background, in this book he shares tactical marketing programs and how you can make it easier for your sales team to close any deal.

Cracking the sales management code by Jason Jordan

In this book Jason has done a wonderful job by telling sales managers what exactly they can manage, what sales managers failed to understand is that they can’t manage results. Every sales manager is putting pressure on their team to hit the assigned target, not knowing that what they should do is to manage and build an effective sales process that’s measurable, and should also help them achieve the target of their sales team. This book is straightforward and well organized showing sales managers how to connect the dot between the sales process and the results.

Who the A method for hiring by Geoff Smart

As a sales manager you already know that you can’t build a great sales team with the wrong people. It all starts with the hiring process and that’s what this book will teach you. All the best hiring process is put together in this book and sales managers would learn how to pick up the best candidates for any sales task.

Topgrading For sales by Brad Smart

He is truly smart when it comes to sales, in this book you’ll learn how to build and manage sales team from scratch. It’s a book that shows oriented hiring strategy in order to put the best sales team into work. Topgrading For sales shows how to identify the A candidates in any sales role. Though some of the methods and strategies outlined are more traditional, but they’re still effective in these modern times. Sales managers should definitely read this book for better team management.

52 sales management tips – the sales manager’s success guide, by Steven Rosen

Do you want to learn some tips from a sales expert that has spent 20 year in sales coaching and management? This book isn’t about one or two principle, instead you get to learn a lot of helpful tips that will prevent you from making mistakes in your sales journey, whether as a sale manager or as a sales rep. As a new sales manager or experienced sales manager, you’ll learn a lot of from this book.

There are a lot of books to read out there when it comes to sales, learning never ends, industry experts are always publishing books that will help new candidates in the industry so that they can arm themselves with all the knowledge they need.

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