Using Sales Order Management Software To Scale Your Business

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Using Sales Order Management Software To Scale Your Business

Using order management tools and software is the key to scaling your business, they allow you to improve customer satisfaction and also increase your profit margins. Using sales order management tools and apps is a must have these days since they allow you to process large volume sales order from retails. As a wholesaler you have hundreds of products with different specifications and you want to sell in bulk, that’s why you need a sales order management app or software to handle the job easily.

So What’s Sales Order Management Software?

It does what it says from the name, it helps wholesale businesses manage and automate order taking from clients with ease when they decided to buy their goods. An effective Order management app ensures your customers are served in an efficient way in the shortest time possible. They also ensure that order is processed accurately since everything is automated; there is less risk of errors when compared to taking orders manually.

How They Help Wholesalers

They come with a lot of flexibility because you can set to approve orders that meet your requirements as a business owner, you can also split the data received according to your workflow, you can decide to divert data to various departments in your company, for instance, when order is placed you can customize a form that will send shipping information directly to your shipping department so that they can start preparing for the order. Sales order software helps wholesale to see performance of their products; they can view best selling products and low performers, you can handle returns, get quotes directly from the sales app.

How Sales Order Management Software Help Your Team

The life of your field sales reps becomes much easier; it plays a vital role in the entire sales process. First they don’t need to carry product information on printed papers which is cumbersome as they’ll be carrying a lot of bulky paperwork when dealing with lots of products. When you’re using a sales software on your mobile device all the information you need is available at your fingertip, you can display high quality images, can show product videos if available, can add as many descriptions as you can.

Unlike on paper where you’re limited to text area, there are just a lot of limitations that comes with printed paper catalog. Sales order management apps help sales reps save a lot of time, doing things manually will lead to spending a lot of time on a single customer, but if the sales process can be shortened it means they can save time and reach out more customers, that means they can achieve their target faster. And finally it help sales reps offer more value to customers, it’s easier for them to introduce up-sells which will generate more revenue to the company.

How Order Management Help Your Customers

Sales order software and apps are more convenient to use than traditional order taking. If your sales app is set up online, they don’t need to visit your wholesale store in order place orders, they can order right away from the comfort of their home. They’re able to view all products in store and can be categorized for easy navigation. All these means better customer experience and this will lead to more trust, once you achieved that you’ll have a lot of returning customers.

Another way it’s beneficial to them is they can track all their order in one place; customers will be able to track their delivery date. If something goes wrong they can report immediately, customers always want to know the status of their delivery so that they can alert their customers when their goods are arriving.

Who Should Invest In Sales Order Management?

Not only wholesalers, every business should invest in sales order management software because that’s the most guaranteed way to track their business and performance of their sales reps. The good news is that free options are available, if you’re still not ready to invest your hard earned money, you can start with free options or the ones that come with free trial. Sale order management without doubt is a powerful tool you don’t want to miss in your business.

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