How Sales Reps Can Optimize Their Profile On LinkedIn

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How Sales Reps Can Optimize Their Profile On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is designed for businesses and it’s one of the first places most businesses will look forward to when hiring sales reps. As a sales rep you have to setup your profile the right way, there are lots of sales reps on LinkedIn showcasing their talents and in order to beat them you have to optimize your profile if you want to stay on top of search results, both on LinkedIn and search engines.

LinkedIn is a great source to network with businesses of all types, 73% of sales reps that use social media to showcase their expertise are performing better than those that aren’t utilizing social networking platforms. Even if you’re not interested in getting job offers on LinkedIn you can set up your portfolio so that whenever the need arise to show your portfolio you can provide link to your LinkedIn profile. You don’t necessarily need to setup a website or blog, LinkedIn can handle it for. So in this article we’ll take a look at some optimization tips that will help your LinkedIn profile standout from the crowd.

dentify your target

As a sales rep you need to identify the areas of your specialization, don’t claim to be I know it all on LinkedIn, you should only mention the companies or industry you’d like to be working for. Share your performance for previous jobs or contracts; of course make sure it looks like a good one. Once you identify your target businesses you should then come out with ideas that will make your LinkedIn profile look attractive.

Create Great Summary

You don’t need to write a long description telling prospects the history of your life. You just need to focus on the basics such as your experience, the results you’ve achieved so far (you can mention the number of deals you’ve closed up to date), the territories you’ve worked in, if there are awards you’ve received from other companies you can include that, and the type of companies you’re looking forward to working with. Include every important information that will captivate their attention on your profile but has to be done in brief, you can supply external link to your portfolio that explain more about you, but on your LinkedIn profile you need to keep it short and straight forward.

Become active

You shouldn’t just create your profile and let it sit there, that will not help you much, you should be participate by joining groups and interacting with other sales reps. Your LinkedIn activities will reflect on your profile, so if you share valuable information it will help you stand out, prospects can understand from your contributions what you’re capable of. Also you need to only engage on pages that are related to sales or business since you’re looking forward to helping businesses and in turn get a job or earn a contract.

Add Contact Information

This should one of the important things you should add on your LinkedIn profile, you should add your phone number, email and business address if any. You don’t want prospects to send you private messages, sometimes you might abandon LinkedIn for some days not knowing a message has been sent, but with your contact details prospects can call or email you directly.

Add testimonials

Adding testimonials on your profile will help you build credibility on LinkedIn, collect testimonials from previous customers or your supervisors or even endorsements you’ve received for certain skills. They’ll help you stand out of the competition and win jobs fast on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn URL

LinkedIn URL is important especially when it comes to getting referrals, you want to create a URL name that’s easy to remember, you can use your name in the URL, chances are it won’t be available; you’ll have to use some variations of it or add a numbers to it.

Build connections

You should wait for businesses to find you, after setting up your profile you should search for your targeted businesses and offer something valuable for free. It could be free information or some service that won’t cost much. Any business that’s impressed with your services will hire you fast or get you a referral.

These are some of the ways you can get more attention to your LinkedIn profile and this will help you connect with businesses that need your services as a sales rep.

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