Where to Find Products to Represent as a Sales Representative

It can be very easy for sales representatives working for companies to get products but as an independent sales representative, you have to find your own sources of supply. Where then do you look to get these supplies? This question can be answered in the light of looking at products and seeing where they can be sourced in bulk.

Normally, the sales representative just approaches the manufacturer but this can be limiting. There are other sources where products to be distributed can be equally sourced. 

These would be discussed below:

Approach Manufacturers

These are the producers of products and they are always looking for those who can get their products to final consumers. Many manufacturers go to the extent of selling online and allowing mass customization. They then have to oversee logistics and shipping. However, the coming into the picture of a sales representative can be a veritable to the problem that may arise from sales. As an independent sales representative you can approach as many manufacturers as you can handle. As long as you can get these products distributed enough, you might be looking at some very attractive commission.

Apply to be an Overseas Sales Agent

There are a lot of products that are not manufactured in the United States or Canada. They could be from China, Australia, and many other industrialized countries. However, every manufacturer is looking for market. As an independent sales representative with understanding of the local market and terrain, foreign manufacturers would find you fitting to help with sales in your area. You can look up a range of companies who would be interested in getting market in your area and apply. It is very important to note that marketing and other associated issues may be necessary at some point but as a sales representative, you should be able to sell products you have believe in.

Work with Distributors

Distributors get large shipments, and these can be challenging to them if they can’t quickly get markets. You can work with distributors of certain products you know you can sell and help to get them to consumers. Logically, distributors sell to retailers, as a sales representative, you are more of a retailer as you are selling to consumers. You would have to work out your commission with the distributor. The good thing about this is that you can work with as many distributors as possible.

Try Local Products

Local products need good marketing and as a sales representative, you can get it to customers who need it. By getting local products into stores and to consumers, you are creating a special trade network for yourself and the commission can be very impressive. This is because you are not selling products with popularly known fixed prices; you can add a convenient markup of your own. However, you need to pitch it to consumers and retailers as they may not be aware of the product before you brought it to their notice.