Training Sales Representative to Sell Company Products

When companies manufacture products, they look at reaching every possible consumer. They may be conservative in their business figures but they are projecting into owning the market. In a bid to do this, sales representatives are employed. These are people who are employed by the company to sell products to individuals and companies who may be in the need of the product.

For the sales representative, there is a goal to be reached and there is commission to be made on every purchase and thus, there is the need to reach a height of sales that can be proudly referred to. Then, how do you make a lot of sales as a sales representative.

Understand the Product

It is highly important to know what you are selling. Without knowing what you are selling, it would be very hard to convince another of what you have. Thus, if you are selling a smart phone, how well do you understand the features and the benefits of that cell phone? Can you operate it perfectly? The buyer needs to derive confidence in the product and this must be seen in the seller.

Understand the Market

What is the demand for what you are selling? Is the demand high or low? Is it that the demand is low because the publicity is low? How well would the product solve the problems of the average customer? Is the market for the product one that buys luxury, if what you sell is luxury? These are questions you must answer. You should know how well the demand for the product and how you can increase the interest of customers in the product.

Offer Installation Services when Necessary

You need to offer certain services to your customers. This is not because they paid for it but because you want to grow a dedicated customer base. Michael Dell was selling computer products as a salesman. He was always offering services to buyers for free. You need to understand that by doing that for free, and not even for a tip, you are creating an impression and it would be very easy for them to refer you to friends and neighbors. 

Always Call Back after a Sale

It is not out of place to check on a customer to find out how they are finding the product and which after sales service you can provide. With this, you can get feedback and strike a difference to a number of sales persons out there.

Understand Payment Options

You need to understand payment options and be flexible with them. You may have to take some risks but you are doing them with a goal of getting business done. If a customer promises to pay back at the end of the month because of an anticipated paycheck, you may try to extend the credit. More, you could do installments with payments.

Direct Marketing

Through mails and calls, you can always keep in touch with your network or market base to let them know of promotions and offers.