Wholesale And Retail – Top Sales Questions To Ask For Better Conversation

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Wholesale And Retail – Top Sales Questions To Ask For Better Conversation

It’s not easy to stay on track while having conversation with retailers, every day wholesalers are visiting them in order to supply their products and because of this retailers are tired of sales pitches from wholesalers, that’s why you have to come up with unique selling point that allows you to engage with your prospects for as long as you want.

As wholesaler the first step towards selling your products is by qualifying your retailers and the only way to do that is by asking the right questions, before you move on to mention the benefits of doing business with you, you need to understand whether they’re your ideal customer or not. From the beginning of your conversation you should ask direct and pointed sales questions, this will open more room for conversation with the prospect, you must be straight forward in the sense that you only want to spend a few minutes with the prospect.

Ask questions that will give you insight of their business so that even if you don’t have the products they’re looking for you can find such products and present them to retailers, since as a wholesaler you’re always looking for new opportunities. Right from the beginning you shouldn’t jump in without taking a survey to discover the type of products they’re looking for. With that said let’s share some of the important questions you should ask your potential prospects that will help you as a wholesaler to sell your products fast.

Who Makes Decision?

This one of the very first question you want to ask because you don’t really want to spend time talking to prospect but after the conversation just to hear from them saying they have to consult the store owner or someone that makes the decision. Right in the first place you should make sure you’re talking to the right person who can implement decisions on the business.

What are your best selling products?

These products should be in two categories; first are the products they sold fast and secondly the products they make the most profit from. So you need to uncover that from every retailer before advancing with other questions. Asking this question will help you find the best selling products in the market and the type of products retailers are always looking for; getting the information will save you a lot of time because you won’t be wasting time trying to sell the products that doesn’t work for them.

The type of products bought by consumers in every city differs, so just because you have a retailer that loves your product it doesn’t mean the next store will welcome your products. Find what works best for them and offer them if you have, if you still want to convince about a new product you can always do so, but leave that at the end of the conversation.

Are there new products you want to have or improve?

This is another question that will open new opportunities for you as a wholesaler, after asking several retailers and they’re looking for the same products, it’s your responsibility as a wholesaler to bring those products to them.

Can you offer feedback on this product?

So maybe you have a sample you want to test in the market, before buying in bulk from your distributor you need to get feedback from different retailers to help you discover the need of that particular product in the market. This will save you a lot of losses; it will help you forecast market needs in the future and you won’t be having overstock products in your store.

What qualities do you want your supplier to have?

Since you want to do business with them you want find out the type of wholesalers they want to work with, learning the type of person they want to work with will help you come up with ways to persuade them and you can offer solutions to the problems and challenges they’re facing as a wholesalers.

May I show you?

After gathering all the data you need it’s time to make suggestions you believe are better than the ones they’re using right now, it could be a new product or a new strategy, you just need to offer possible solutions that you believe will solve their problem.

Asking these few questions will help you greatly as a wholesaler because these questions allow you to understand the prospect and the need of the market, so start the conversation with these questions, you may add any question that will help you understand the prospect better.

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