Wholesale Business Tips – How To Sell Your Products In Stores

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Wholesale Business Tips – How To Sell Your Products In Stores

As a new wholesaler things can be challenging from the beginning to get your products in stores to retailers. Most of the advice you get online these days is to set up a website and start promoting on social media, this will take a lot of time because before you build massive target audience on social media it will a take a few years.

If you want to sell your products fast as a wholesaler you need to get your products in stores right away and it’s not as complicated as must people view it. Maybe in the past you’ve tried to get your products in stores but haven’t succeeded, that doesn’t mean it’s difficult, chances are you haven’t done the right things that will help you succeed.

Let’s share some of the best ways you can get your products in stores fast.

How To Sell You Products In Stores

Market Research

Every successful business campaign begins with research, only through research you can discover the right products to sell, and can find qualified stores that need your products. You should conduct research on the type of stores consumers visit to buy your product or stores you believe have the potential to sell your products even if they haven’t started selling such product category.

And secondly you need to take into consideration the size of the store. Chances are you’ve taken bulk order from your distributor and you want to sell as much as you can to retailers, so you want to make sure you find retailers that receive a lot of traffic from consumers. You can get this info by asking a few questions to store owners or you can take a survey, ask questions like the quantity they’ve sold over the year for any given product and you’ll have an idea whether they can sell your product fast or not.

Network With Store Owners Directly

When it comes to making initial contact, you shouldn’t make calls, send emails, or send mail letters to present your product samples or whatever. First contact is very important; you need to visit these stores in person and talk to store owners or decision makers. You can search a lot of businesses online, especially through social media like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, you should get their physical location so that you can visit and talk to these retailers. After establishing physical contact from the first meeting, later on you might follow up through phone calls or emails.

Prepare a sales pitch

You can’t just move in and start talking to businesses randomly; you need to organize a sales pitch that will persuade the prospect. Some will just walk in and ask retailers whether they’re interested in selling their product or not, or some will just keep talking about the benefits of a product, you won’t get enough positive response by acting this way. From the beginning you should provide some value, this can be in the form of useful information or a free product that can benefit them. Adding value will help you earn their trust and that will help you sell your products with ease without been pushy.

Ask Them Questions

This is the best way to discover the problems they’re facing and the type of product they need, you’ll also learn the type of deals they’re looking on any particular product. You should ask questions to learn about their buying process and other products that are similar to yours. When asking retailers questions you shouldn’t try to sell anything, you should only gather information regarding their business and the entire market in general.

Offer incentives

There are hundreds of wholesalers who’re constantly approaching retailers to buy their products and the only way to stand out from the crowd is by adding incentives and bonuses to your offers. As a new wholesaler the best way to reach out to more stores is by offering a lot of bonuses and incentives to retailers.

Simplify the order and shipping process

As a wholesaler you have to make it easier for store owners to do business with you and one way to do that is by simplifying the order and shipping process. You should use the best order management apps available to automate the whole process. And for shipping you should ensure fast delivery and customers should be able to track their orders fast. All these can’t be done effectively without sales order management apps and you need to integrate them in your business.

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