Important Information You Don’t Have To Remember When Using Sales Order Management Apps

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Important Information You Don’t Have To Remember When Using Sales Order Management Apps

There are a lot of factors out there that will determine the success of your sales reps; these include their communication skills, presentation abilities, self motivation discipline, and more importantly listening skills. All these qualities are great and they are a must have for any sales rep to succeed, but using the right tools and apps also play an important role in all these qualities mentioned, they’ll help your sales reps become efficient and productive.

Some wholesalers invest in other apps and software but they tend to ignore investing sales order management apps for their business. I can say that sales order management apps or software is the first app you should order for your wholesale business because not having the right sales order management apps lead to your sales reps losing a lot of deals from prospects.

Order management is almost the final stage of the sales process and that’s why you don’t want to miss managing orders effectively from clients, days of taking manual orders are gone, it’s the digital age and there is no better time to use sales order management apps than now. You’ll save yourself a lot of time for both sales reps and your team in the office because data can be exchanged instantly from both parties.

In this article we’ll share some important information you don’t really need to memorize in your head when using sales order management software and apps, it’s however still important to memorize every important information regarding the product you’re selling because you don’t want your prospects to ask questions and you have to spend some time searching for information on your mobile device.

What You Don’t Need To Remember When Using Sales Order Management Apps

You don’t need to remember page numbers

When you’re using paper catalog you have to memorize the pages for each product and every time the prospect asks for a particular product you’ll have to make them wait, this is annoying to most people, when you spend a lot of time trying to find pages related to a product, they’ll ask for more products since they already know how long it’s going to take.

With sales order management apps on your mobile device you only need to type the product name, you don’t even need to remember exact name, by just typing some letters in the app you’ll be able to see recommendations, this is a time saver for sales reps.

You don’t need to remember price of products

This is another benefit of sales order apps as the price is instantly available beside each product, even when product price changes you don’t need to worry about calling back office to confirm the updated price. At your finger tips you can check any product pricing using your mobile device, unlike when using the paper catalog you’ll have to memorize pricing for all products and you know that’s not an easy task when dealing with dozens or thousands of products.

Customer order history

Order history play a vital role when it comes to selling products to customers because only then you can provide the right products to them using their purchase history and can come up with relevant up sells to help you close more deals. When it comes to using the traditional method, you’re already struggling with printed product catalog, it’s almost impossible to carry order history papers along and even if you’ve still managed to do so, that will be cumbersome. Sales order management apps will allow to create separate profile for each customer and that will allow you to view order history instantly.

Discount terms

It’s not everyone that is qualified to receive discounts and using traditional way will make it confusing to remember customers that are qualified for discounts, but with your sales order app you can instantly view customers that are eligible to receive discounts based on their profile history.

Customer information details

It has never been easier to store customer contact information than using sales order management apps. They allow you to get access to customer contact or shipping information whenever you need it. Imagine working with hundreds of clients and prospects and you have to memorize all the contact details including phone, email and shipping address. If you decide to write down on paper, that will consume your time, plus there are chances of making error, when it comes to writing phone numbers, even one single mistake makes the number invalid.

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