Wholesale Businesses -Types Of Sales Apps You Need To Sell Better

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Wholesale Businesses -Types Of Sales Apps You Need To Sell Better

Power resides in knowledge, or I can say the use of knowledge is power; you can target your potential customers better if you do proper homework before approaching them. This gives you competitive edge in pitching your products better by pointing the benefits of your product and how it will help them in solving a problem they’re facing currently or growing their business.

This is made much easier with the emerging technology, every person has a digital footprint online showing all their behaviors including their interests and things they are looking for online. B2B sales companies can take advantage of this data to target more potential customers.

Using the right apps will help you explore all the data regarding your prospect and in this article we’ll share top sales apps that can help you boost your sales.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solutions

CRM solutions means building better relationship with your customers based on the data you have collected on them. Two most important types of solutions to the CRM are as follows:

CRM system focused on sales

This system streamlines the funnel of sales and lets you put more focus on those potential customers that are ready to purchase the product you are offering immediately. Solutions discussed here are according to the needs of this modern time, mobiles apps designed for sales are considered very useful to businesses especially small and new businesses.


This is a sharp and detailed sale focus CRM that integrates quite well with your email system through blind BCC. It keeps you updated with all the required information regarding your sales showing the trends of sales and points out the sales and where you should put more focus in future.

Pipeline Deals

Pipeline deals give information regarding team collaboration; provide report showing sales and the most important feature is that it collects leads generated from your website.


Pipeliner is more user friendly as compared to the other previous apps considering its offline mode and more efficiency; it’s compatible with multiple devices as well.

Social CRM Systems

Social CRM systems offer great help to small businesses when it comes to increasing their sales through better and automated selling systems, and will help them gather important data regarding potential prospects.


Nimble is known for its capability for gathering detailed info about the prospect from digital footprint available on the web and then gives the results of what need and then filter out unnecessary data.


This app is designed to collect data from the prospect`s emails and tweets they post on their twitter accounts to keep you updated on what`s going on their lives or business and what they are pursuing and looking for around them so that you know what recommend for them.

Solutions For Marketing And Sales Automation

After collecting data about potential customers, comes the action part which is considered time consuming, targeting your prospects and designing the sales process isn’t easy at all but by using the right marketing and automation tools you can simplify the tasks a lot. They’ll help in completing the sales procedure, marketing and automation apps don’t really cost that much, even small business owners can afford to buy these powerful tools that can ease their day.


This app is considered to be very effective and efficient in automated marketing and sales, the most distinctive feature of the app is that it ranks your leads according to their behavior depicting which lead is stronger and have more chances of turning into a closed deal.


HubSpot is also capable of ranking your leads, but in addition to that it can also integrate with multiple webpages and also notify you about the activities of prospects on your website.


This app is a little smaller in scope than HubSpot and Infusionsoft but it helps in retaining good terms with your customers.


Zapier comes in handy when you could not find everything in one place as it can build a connecting bridge between two solutions to drive results more effectively.


Time and resources matter a lot to businesses and you can save both of these by using the mentioned apps in this article because they provide most of the information you need about the prospect and when to target them in order to close the sale more efficiently. In short, these apps will help you do your homework regarding your prospect before you really approach them to pitch your product and services.

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