Wholesale Businesses – Why Mobile Optimization Is A Must Have For Your Business

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Wholesale Businesses – Why Mobile Optimization Is A Must Have For Your Business

As a business owner you probably know that the use of mobile devices is getting bigger each day, the average person spend a large portion of their life on mobile screen, most times on social media or making purchases online. This means if your business isn’t optimized for mobile you’re losing a lot of money on the table. Research shows that 60% of all purchases made worldwide are done with mobile devices, is that a market share you want to lose as a wholesaler? I bet not!

Most retailers prefer to place order using their mobile device since it provides better customer experience, they can shop and order at their convenience when they’re not in the shop. The benefits of mobile optimization for your wholesale business are endless; simplicity is one of the major benefits to both wholesalers and retailers.

Top Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Mobile Optimization

Connecting with your ideal customers

Providing the best customer service isn’t only about face to face interaction. If utilized properly mobile apps can provide the best user experience to your prospects with ease. The leading wholesalers in the world run their website online and majority of people place order with their mobile devices. You can connect with larger audience using mobile devices and apps than when using face to face interaction for promote your business.

Building a strong brand

If you haven’t established your business well as a brand and have been in business for long, chances are your wholesale business isn’t mobile optimized. Every successful business I know is mobile optimized, that’s to say they’re using mobile apps and gadgets to reach their audience because it provides an easy means of communication, the days of distributing printed promotional material is gone, you have to concentrate on mobile. When there is an easier means of communication your audiences trust you more and the more they trust the more the buy whatever you’re presenting to them.

Increase your profit

The focus of almost every business is how to generate more profit; we’ve already shared the percentage of sales conducted online, about 60%, which means more money to tap into the mobile market. Using mobile gadgets and apps can help you in many ways as a wholesaler, it will save you more money and it will also make you make more money.

you’ll save some money for your company in the sense that you don’t need to deal with printed catalogs to showcase products to prospect, imagine if you have hundreds of products to showcase and you have a lot of sales reps, you have provide printed papers to each and every member of your sales team. When a slight change is made like pricing or whatsoever, you’ll have to print another catalog again. By using mobile tools and digital catalog, it only takes a few seconds to update a product, you can change the product image and description at no extra cost and all your reps can receive updates instantly when they’re connected to internet.

And on the other hand in terms of making more profit, customers prefer to order with the mobile devices than visiting stores, everyone carry their mobile devices along anywhere they’re going and so they find it user friendly to order from businesses that are mobile optimized.

Easy analytics

Gone are the days when you have to go through thousands of paperwork in order to analyze data for your business. With mobile sales apps you can analyze any data you want with ease, you’ll be able to view important data for every product, such as the best selling products of the day, how many units are sold by each and every member of your sales team, you can track stock availability in real time, no need to check your store because you’ve already set the number available in your app which can be deducted each time a new order is placed. You can integrate your mobile apps with your favorite CRM so that you can analyze the data at your fingerprint.

There is no any single reason why a wholesale business owner should ignore using mobile sales apps within their sales process, it saves them more time and money, if your business isn’t mobile optimized it’s high time you get started right away.

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