Wholesale Sales Software Is A Must Have For B2B Suppliers

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Wholesale Sales Software Is A Must Have For B2B Suppliers

There are a lot of tools out there that can help wholesalers for the distribution of their products and services, wholesale sales software is a piece of software every business owner that’s involved in selling and distributing goods and services should have. It doesn’t matter the industry you’re in, right from healthcare providers, the foodservice industry and retailers, they can benefit a lot from wholesale sales software.

These powerful tools provide solution to field sales reps or individuals that are involved in ecommerce, it allows them to setup ordering system on any website or device on the web with ease without the need to do the task manually.

A wholesale sales software has two main components, first is the sales field application designed for sales reps and secondly, it has order portal that allow B2B owners to take orders from customers efficiently.

Benefits Of Wholesales Software To Sales Reps

Generating sales is all about building personal relationships with customers and there is no better way to achieve that using effective wholesale sales software. It helps sales reps to source new customers, educate potential prospects about a product or a service and help maintain a strong relationship with a prospect. Here are some of the benefits of using wholesales software for your business;

Control Your Warehouse Effectively

You’ll be able to view accurate data in real time for stock data and tracking information. You can monitor movement of goods efficiently in your warehouses.

Instant And Accurate Information

No need for paperwork and then inputting into your back office systems. You can view pricing arrangements and can respond to any query fast if needed, all information can be tracked instantly from customers.

Using Business Data To Your Advantage

You’ll be able to see how your business is performing, get data for all your products, staff and sales so that you can execute decisions that are in favor of your business.

Reduce Costs

Entering data manually will result in hiring more staff and the reports are not as accurate as when you’re using wholesales sales software. You’ll save yourself a lot of money by using sales software to automate your business sales and distribution.

As a sales rep, any wholesales sales software you choose to work with should be able to provide all the basic features you need in order to build a long lasting relationship with prospects. Here are some of the important features to look for before opting for any sales software for your business;

Wholesale Sales Software Features

Field Order Taking

As a sales rep you can close a customer on the field and that’s why your sales app should allow you to process orders right on the spot. This will help you sell more and empower prospects to take action right away. With wholesale sales software you get update to the latest prices of your products and services, you have access to the latest marketing materials and these will help cut down Back office order costs.

Self Ordering

If you want to give your customers the best ordering experience you need to have sales software. It will allow you to approve customers that can view your catalog and place their order right away. You can control the pricing options you want them to see and the price that’s suitable for them, no more sales calls, printed price list or Whatsapp messages.

Order Management

One of the main benefits of using wholesale sales software is to allow you manage your business effectively and without managing your orders it’s difficult to track your sales. An effective sales software app will give you real time reports for all your orders. It should give you the option to integrate with your favorite inventory, ERP and accounting systems so that everything is synched with back office records.

Customize Your Inputs

Wholesale sales software should allow you to customize the inputs for buyers, it should provide order submission and completion with ease.

One Click Report

Getting your reports fast will help you forecast customers that are in a buying mood, you can view organized report on the go, so that you can focus on the most qualified customers.

There are a lot of features out there to choose in your sales software, you just need to figure out your sales team needs and then provide them with the best tool that’s available in the market. There are many more benefits of wholesale sales software and you definitely need purchase one for sales reps operating your business.

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