Wholesale Selling Strategies – How To Sell More In Less Time

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Wholesale Selling Strategies – How To Sell More In Less Time

Every sales manager wants his sales team to focus most of their time on selling than doing anything other task. That’s why any good sales manager is ready to provide tools that are needed to automate sales tasks that don’t involve engaging or speaking to prospects. Even if you’ve established your business well, it’s always a good promotion strategy to always look for more buyers for your products. Your list of buyers can go down at any moment and when you’re always on the move to attract more buyers your business sales will never decrease.

There are a lot of wholesalers with great products and have the best deal offer but they’re still figuring how to attract buyers. We’ll share some helpful tips in this article that will help wholesalers attract more buyers to their products.

Selling Tips For Wholesalers

Define your ideal customer

No matter how good your deals or products are, you won’t get much buyers if you’re targeting the wrong audience. As a wholesaler you should look or search for retailers that specialize is selling your product types to consumers. You can still search for general retailers but you need to focus on niche specific retailers, they’re the ones that will buy your products in bulk.

Show Your Benefits

Consumers are not actually buying products; they’re buying benefits or solutions, you need present the benefits and the results consumers will get for using your products. Organize your benefits list and if possible explain shortly how it helps solve any particular problem.


This is the first step to succeeding in any wholesale business. Do your homework carefully to understand the products consumers are buying, you might get great deals from manufacturers but if that’s not what customers are looking for, no retailer will buy your products. You can start your research by visiting retailers to conduct a survey, present yourself as a consultant who want take survey and if possible you should offer some compensation of their time spend answering your questions.

You should design a questionnaire which they can fill; you can give them a day or two to complete the survey. Once you gather product data from the retailers in your area, you then make analysis to find out what consumers buy the most. You then go back to your retailers again understand and learn the type of deals they’re looking for from wholesalers and some problems they’re facing which you might help.

If you pick the wrong products as a wholesaler everything will go wrong, no matter what selling strategy you’re using. So don’t ignore finding the right products and these are products consumers are looking for.

Prepare Yourself

Once you identify potential customers you need to learn as much as you can, find their profile and get all their business details. With social media it’s really easy to get all business details, start with LinkedIn and Facebook pages. You’ll learn a lot about businesses to help you prepare your presentations, make sure you’ve prepared yourself before showing up at any appointment. By the time you showed up you should be familiar with their favorite products, their routine re-orders and recommendations. Preparing for the conversation will help you control the conversation and you’ll earn more trust from consumers.

Use Digital Catalog

You don’t want to carry paperwork when reaching to your customers. You need an app that allows you to showcase your product features and benefits; you can even showcase videos or PowerPoint presentations inside your apps, you should make sure prospects can navigate your product database with a few clicks and can get all the information they need.

Use Sales Order Management Software

Some wholesalers spend a lot of time processing orders, they might have the best product and have the best deal but they’re poor at taking orders. They’re not using the right tools and apps, thereby doing things manually using written form. This is poor service to customers, you should process order as fast as you can and the only way to do that is by using automation and you need digital apps in order to do that. Find good order management software that will do all the heavy lifting for you so that you can spend more time selling.

Following these simple tips will help you sell more as a wholesaler; the key to selling more is providing more value and the best user experience to customers.

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