How To Improve Customer Experience In Your Wholesale Business

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How To Improve Customer Experience In Your Wholesale Business

In the past product quality is the leading factor that determine the success of a product or service, but now things have changes, it’s isn’t just about quality, businesses that offer the best customer experience win the game. We’re not saying product quality isn’t relevant and important, but what you need to understand is that having the best product isn’t enough, you have to provide the best customer experience especially if you’re looking for returning customers.

What Exactly Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience involves all your interaction with customers before and after delivering the product or service. This includes; making purchase, discovery, services, cultivation, awareness and any other thing that involve your relationship with the customer. When it comes to wholesale we can say that it’s all about how you treat your customers, right from how you market your products, to taking orders and also shipping products to the customers.

Your employees play a vital role in terms of providing the best customer experience, and that’s why you want to make sure your customers are always treated with uttermost respect. Most wholesalers don’t really care much about customer experience and if you’re one of them here are some statistics that will make you think again and provide the best customer experience to your customers.

Customer experience statistics

  • Your first customer can be worth 10 times the initial purchase, if you offer the best customer experience on the first purchase they’ll definitely come back to do business with you.
  • It’s more expensive to find new customers than utilizing existing ones, almost 7 times more expensive.
  • Poor customer experience reaches more ears at least twice as a good customer service, which means you have to be careful.
  • 90% of American will rather pay extra money in order to get best customer service.
  • One poor customer service will cost you 10 good customer services before the customer to forget the bad experience.
  • Most of your customers that experience bad customer service from your business will not bother to complain, they’ll just move one to another product or service.

Looking at the stats you can see how important customer experience is to your business and you these shows that you don’t really want to ignore providing the best services for your products and services. Let’s move on to share some of the powerful ways you can improve your customer experience for your business.

How To Improve Customer Experience In Your Wholesale Business

Use digital catalogs

Printed papers are hard to navigate and they can’t really represent your products in an orderly manner. Imagine if you have hundreds of products to sell and each has multiple categories also, how are you going to handle bulk papers? This can be stressful to your customers and that’s a poor customer service to them. Set up a digital catalog that can be installed and accessed from any mobile device, if your customers want they can also install the sales app to get all the information they need.

Use online systems

If your wholesale business is new, you can use spreadsheets since you probably have a few customers. But if you really want to provide the best customer experience you need to set up your products online. There are countless of benefits, but let’s just say that when it comes to customers you’re saving them a lot of time and so do your sales reps, this ensures that your customers are getting the latest updates on pricing and delivery.

Use modern order management systems

Traditional order taking isn’t working these days, must customers find it annoying to go through manual order taking for the products they’ve ordered. You need a modern order management system that allows your customers to order conveniently even if they’re not in your store.

Add all information in your product catalog

As we’ve previously talked about digital catalog, it allows you to add all important information about your products, you can add enough text that describe the product, and can showcase the products with high quality images or even videos. When your customers can view all important information they need on your product, you make it easier for them to make selections.

These are some of the 4 ways you can provide better customer experience to your customers, as a wholesaler you have to do all that you can to make your customers feel comfortable doing business with you and not the other way round.

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