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Best Apps Every Sales Reps Should Have

Life isn’t easy for sales reps on the field, but they can always use tools and apps that can simplify the process for them. Carrying a bunch of papers comes with a lot of risks and is not as effective as using apps to automate the whole sales process. Sales apps save a lot of time and money, and most importantly they help sales reps stay organized on the field. In this article we look at important apps every sales team need to have in order to simplify and speed up their sales process.

Travel Apps


Unless you’re restricted to a small geographical area, you’re always going to be on flight, if you’re traveling internationally it can be confusing to track your flight times, the typical sales rep will have to go through their email or write down on a piece of paper in order to remember their flight exit.

Tripit is a free app that allows you to organize all your travels on one platform, it’s available on all the popular phones we have like; android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. You can make changes whenever you want and can forward your emails to Tripit. If you want to access more and better features you can always upgrade, but the free version is enough to get you started as a sales rep before you get the hang of it.

Google Maps

You already know what Google Map offers, as a sales rep you’ll always be exploring new places and chances are you want to drive by yourself on the road. With Google maps on your phone you can always find and locate your business contacts with ease. Whatever your location is, you can view your position as you’re moving towards your destination, whether on public transportation routes or walking routes.

Staying In Touch

You always to need to find a way to get in touch with prospects and find new connections, it can be difficult to get business contact details and you need to find platforms that will help you stay connected with businesses, you should learn what’s going on in their business and the activities they’re doing. That’s we’re sharing social sites and apps you need for connecting efficiently with prospects.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

These are the top social networking sites that will help discover new businesses that need your product and services. Facebook has massive audience but you need to be selective, while LinkedIn connect mostly business. Most businesses have LinkedIn profile and you can find almost any business in your niche.

Skype For Mobile

You need Skype to make video or voice calls, sometimes you can’t make it to client meetings especially if you had to travel a long distance. With Skype on your Smartphone you easily start a video or voice call provided you have strong internet connection. Not only that you can also share screen to show presentations to your customers.

Stay organized

When it comes to sales, nothing is as important as staying organized. You can forget or lose information at any instant and you need to recover that info immediately after losing. Let’s share some tools that will help you remain organized in your journey.


Evernote is popular as a productivity tool for those using the to-do-list feature that’s available. As a sales rep you don’t necessarily need to use it as such, it should be used for organizing your ideas and brainstorming. With Evernote you can find and share information and resources that you believe will benefit your customers, you can access your notebook from any device with ease. Another great feature of Evernote is the ability to voice record notes, you can record your own voice or a conversation between you and the customer.


This is another productivity tool that’s beneficial to sales reps. This tool can be used to manage complex projects and even simpler ones, Asana give sales reps the ability to create separate workspaces for customers, you can organize your projects, teams and create subtasks. After assigning tasks to your team members you can then integrate via email to get notification whenever certain action is executed. With Asana you can also store important documents that can be accessible to your team members.

These are some of the few tools every sales team should have access to; you can search for other useful tools and apps out there that will simplify your tasks. You need apps that will help you stay connected and organize all your activities with ease. Any tool that can help you achieve these goals, don’t hesitate to add it to your app collection.

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