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Cool Tech For Sales Reps – Best Routers For Your Business

In this article we’ll talk about something practical that’s ignored by most salespeople, these are gadgets you’ll hardly find any sales reps with and these gadgets are none other than wifi routers. Whichever business you’re into these days you’ll probably need internet connection and you need a router in order to connect multiple networks to get fast internet.

Over the years routers have been improved, you can now find portable routers that allow you to work effortlessly on the field. You won’t realize a router is handy until you want to make a video conference; your typical cellular network on your Smartphone isn’t good enough to run a video conference with your prospects, there would be a lot of buffering along the way.

With a portable and reliable router by your side you can run your video conference or download any files with ease without worrying about slow internet connection. That’s why in this article we decided to put together some of the best routers available to help sales reps choose one easily for their business.

Best Routers For Your Business

Google OnHub

This is one of the best routers available in the market. It’s a wifi router that’s displayed openly without hiding under your desk or behind TV. It’s designed with cylindrical shape and has 13 antennas, 1900Mbps is the maximum speed you can enjoy with Google OnHub, you can see that it’s not bad at all. It’s a cool gadget you don’t want to miss when it comes choosing your wifi tools.

Pros of using Google OnHub

  • Very easy to set up, with the manual that comes with the router one can easily figure out how things work and can start using the router right away to connect online.
  • This device can connect over one hundred devices at a time, for sales teams that work together; they can use one Google OnHub to connect all their devices.
  • When multiple devices are connected you can choose devices you want give priorities, this devices will enjoy higher speed than any device that’s connected to the router.
  • All latest wifi protocols are supported.
  • It won’t interfere with other networks around the area because it would automatically scan all networks.
  • You can monitor internet traffic via the mobile app; this app can be installed on Android and iOS. With these app users can troubleshoot basic problems and can run any maintenance required for the device to function properly.

Apple Airport Express

This is an excellent product from Apple; Airport Express is really small compared to other routers. It can be used as a router and it can be used as wifi booster, that’s to say it can be used alongside other routers to increase speed, if you’re looking for a portable router as a sales rep, then this product is for you.

Pros Of Apple Airport Express

  • Comes with a dedicated app that will help you set up the device fast.
  • The device can operate on both 5 and 2.4 GHz wifi bands; this makes it capable of receiving and sending data at the same time.

Cons of Airport Express

  • It comes with a USB port which some people find to be annoying and not useful at all. But it does have some function because you can connect networked printer to the USB port.
  • Doesn’t allow users to set priorities for devices connected, this is a downside because there are situations where you want to prioritize your top sales reps to do their job effectively.

These are some routers that are worth your investment as a sales rep, You should just make sure that you pick a router that meet your business needs, you should always go with a wireless router since as a sales rep you’re always on the field, you don’t want to be carrying anything that can lead to discomfort, unless you’re planning on using your router in the car or in the hotel room, you should always go with the wireless router.

There are routers also that come with VPN and a lot of other security features that are pre installed in the device, you can as well pick such routers for extra protection for your business.

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