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Best Podcasts For Outside Sales Reps

If you’re a field sales rep you definitely have a lot of places to visit and in most cases you’ll be on the road or on flight going from one meeting to another. This can be monotonous, some sales reps prefer to listen to radio, but most of the time the program played might not be interesting to them and will end up getting bored. So how about listening to something in your field that will help you improve your knowledge! One thing you have to adapt if you want to succeed in any career is consistent learning, and you have to use the spare time you’ve got to your advantage.

Once of the best ways to use such spare time is listening to sales podcasts, listening to podcasts on the road will help keep you entertained and stay informed. Podcasts don’t cost much; most of them can be downloaded for free online. Some people don’t listen to podcasts because they believe they’re outdated audio books that aren’t relevant to current situations. There is a lot of golden information in podcasts, you just need to find the good ones and you’ll be glad you’ve listen to them.

In this article we share some of the best podcasts you should listen to as a sales rep while driving or if you’ve got some free time and want to utilize it for improvement.

Ziglar show

If you’ve read sales books in the past you’ve probably come across the name “Zig Ziglar”, he’s a well famous man in the sales industry, he’s an author and a motivational speaker that has transformed the life of sales reps from different industries, he’s also well known for sales quotes that inspire and motivate sale reps. Anyone will benefit from his sales coaching and general advice on how to succeed in business, the man passed in 2012 but his legacy still leaves. His son Tom and his host Kevin Miller run his podcasts in a series of episodes, that’s something you don’t want to miss as a sales rep, grab these podcasts and you’ll thank yourself later for doing so.

Harvard Business Review IdeaCast

This is another great treasure of knowledge you don’t want to miss as a sales rep, you’ll get advice from leading experts in management. These podcast isn’t all about sales; they share general business advices that will help anyone succeed in their business or career. IdeaCast consist of interviews from world leaders in different industries, powerful business icons are featured in this podcast, and these include Jeff Bezos, Marc Andreessen, and Maya Angelou. The podcast is available at iTunes for free download. Some of the previous episodes include; how companies can embrace speed, how Google Manage talent and why we are all in sales. You’ll find episodes in almost every area of business and you want to listen to these podcast while you’re on the road.

The advanced selling Podcast

This podcast is run by Brian Neale’s and bill Caskey, it consists of about 300+ episodes, each episode is fifteen minutes long , that makes it easier to listen because you don’t need to have free one hour to listen to it, by only dedicating fifteen minutes a day you can increase your knowledge with advice from world sales leaders . These podcasts are aimed at showing salespeople how to handle rejections, using sales psychology and how to communicate effectively with your prospects.

Though not all the episodes are relevant to wholesalers but they can learn many things on how to put their products in the market. The podcast is also available for free download from iTunes; you can also listen directly from their website for free. Some of the previous episodes include; precision selling, high performers, how to handle buyer resistance and modern sale behavior.

How to respond to discount inquiries

As a sales rep you’ll always come across prospects that ask for lower price or are always looking for discounts and this podcast will show you how to handle such requests effortlessly. This is a podcast every salesperson should listen. You’ll get powerful advice on how to tackle the problem of lower price request from prospects.

There are thousands of podcasts out there to choose from, most of which are available free, learn about sales and business in general, you’ll then see how it will make impact in your sales journey.

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