Top B2B Sales Questions That Will Help You Close More Deals

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Top B2B Sales Questions That Will Help You Close More Deals

The questions you asked the prospect will determine whether they’re your ideal prospect or not, your questions will determine whether they’re qualified or not, and most importantly you’ll be able to discover the problems they’re facing so that you can come up with solutions that will help you get more chance of closing the deal. As a sales rep, you must ask questions if you want know about your prospect, it’s not just any question you’ll ask, you have to ask the right questions. We’ll share some of the top questions you should ask prospects before presenting your products or services.

How Did You Know About Our Business?

This question is important and should be asked beginning of your conversation with the prospect; it lets you know why the prospect is interested in the product in the first place and what kind of solutions are they looking into your product. You’ll also have an idea about their mindset, all these will you target the right offers for him and benefits, this translates to easy sale for you.

What are your requirements?

The next question to ask is their requirement, knowing their needs and wants is a must if you want to solve their problem with any product and that’s why it’s important to ask the type of solution they are looking for and how they want to accomplish a certain objective. This will help you sort out products according to their needs.

How do you make decisions?

This is another question that will help you understand them better, and the question has a great impact on their buying decision, this is a valuable question that will help a lot in closing the deal.

In this particular product, how many of your stakeholders are involved?

This question will let you know how many people are involved in making decisions, you don’t want to end up spending too much time and at the end of the conversation they’ll have to take advice from stakeholder involved. If they’re the decision maker, you know you can dedicate your time full to convince them about your products.

With whom you are comparing us?

Asking this question is a great way to explore about your competitors, when they mention them you can now mention benefits they’re not offering, and this way it’s easier to convince the prospect about product. After knowing what competitors are offering to the prospect, you fully know about their game without even doing the research by yourself.

When are you making decision?

You can now find out if they’re ready to place order right away or they’ll have to come back next time to place the order. As you can see it’s a powerful question that gets you closer to the deal and if your prospects are honest in answering this question you’ll be able to figure out whether you have customer at hand or not.

How much you can afford?

Budget is very important when talking to prospects and this question will help you in knowing their budget so that you don’t end up showing product they can afford to buy at the moment. The conversation starts with a price quoted by the prospect and then the negotiation begins to make the deal appropriate for both parties if needed.

When was the last time you bought product similar to ours?

This question help you explore their purchase history and will clearly show how often they make purchases and on what basis. If he’s the type that buys the product often you can then provide better deals or special discounts in order to retain them for long.

What do we have to do in order to close a deal with you?

This question will help in knowing how much the prospect is excited to get your solution and what are his major concerns regarding the product and on the basis, you can start the follow-up procedure.

How you see your business and its changing needs in the future?

This will help you in seeing what you both have to do to grow this relationship after closing a deal and where you see yourself based on the benefits of this deal.

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