Conducting Self-Evaluation, How to Know if your Strategy Works

sales repHaving tried several methods, how have you fared? Do you take time out for self assessment? You need to test all the methods, strategies, and skills to see which one best fits the product or the market you are selling to. You need to understand that in sales a one peg fit all holes principle doesn’t work, what works is the basic understanding of different situations and knowing how to tackle each individually.

To conduct a successful self-evaluation, you need to observe some things:

How Customer-Oriented Is Your Service?

This is a question you need to ask yourself. By customer-oriented, it means, how much are you benefitting your clients? Are you satisfying them truly? Your strategy must be one that gives your clients total satisfaction with the product you sold to them. That is why if you don’t believe in a product, it is better not to sell it. When you believe in a product, you can stand staunchly behind the product and get it sold easily. Profit should not be your main goal. Ray Croc of Mac Donald’s instructed his employees never to reduce the quality of the hamburgers no matter the circumstances. This singular act, in the face of dwindling revenues, has helped to cement the image of the brand in several minds.

Are You Offering More than the Product?

You need to offer certain services to your customers. This is not because they paid for it but because you want to grow a dedicated customer base. Michael Dell was selling computer products as a salesman. He was always offering services to buyers for free. You need to understand that by doing that for free, and not even for a tip, you are creating an impression and it would be very easy for them to refer you to friends and neighbors. When you sell products that require installation, do it for free and cheerfully. Even give them tips and advice on how to enjoy the product better than they know how to. Also pay attention to all their questions and answer them to the best of your abilities. 

Are You Being Referred?

 If you are being referred, it means that you are doing an awesome job. However, if you are not getting referrals yet, it means you have to add more value. Even if the customer has no one to refer you to, the continual self development would make you more of an expert in the field. Adding more value means adding after sales services and even checking on the customer to see how easy it is to use to product and anyway you can offer assistance. 

Are You Developing a Dependable Network?

You need a dependable network. This is what you can build to sell subsequent product. A dependable network is one where the participants are satisfied with your services and would be willing to get other products from you subsequently. You should look at having your own customers to build your network.