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What Are The Benefits Of Using Sales Rep App And How It Can Increase The Productivity Of Your Sales Team?

Back in the olden days’ sales reps used to go around with large briefcases containing a lot of paperwork that covers every aspect of their business.

Later on, businesses started using CRM (customer relationship management) to help them organize information in a database, this was better than carrying a briefcase with lots documents in it, but there is still a problem for sale reps who’re out in the field since the CRM was left in the office.

Thankfully, things have changed now; there are professional CRM and sales rep apps accessible to the sales team anywhere so that they can get real-time information to help them speed up the sales process.

As a sales rep, you already know how challenging it is to organize and put your work together in a way that it’s instantly accessible. You’re always visiting new customers or making follow-ups, always trying to manage your work in a hotel room or in your car, this is all confusing if you’re doing the task manually.

If you’re not using a sales rep app you’re definitely doing business the old fashioned way and you’re losing a lot of money for your business. To keep things simple, using a sales rep app is the quickest way to make your sales team more productive.

Sales rep app will help shorten your sales cycle by at least 8%-14%, not only that, a sales rep app is the most valuable tool you can use to increase sales in your business.

Access Company’s Data Fast

The biggest challenge faced by sales rep team is accessing information in a timely manner, when you’re dealing with a lot of clients and businesses it’s not easy to access all the information they need instantly from the company. Your sales team needs access to updated prices, business inventory, and proposals when they’re out of the office.

With an effective sales rep app, your sales team can have access to your company’s data instantly without interruption and this translates to having the ability to win prospects and close more deals within a short time.

Quick Data Collection

Your sales team no longer needs to visit the office in order to input the data they’ve collected from prospects. With a sales rep app, they can instantly collect and input every data in real-time. With a professional sales rep app, your team can collect any data from the field and record without hassle.

You’re Dealing Only With Digital Catalog

Since you’re dealing with a digital catalog your sales team doesn’t need to carry any cumbersome product samples when visiting prospects. With your sales app, you can visually show and demonstrate how a product works.

Integration With Office Systems

A good sales rep app will integrate all collected data with back-office systems and this is a huge time saver for your team. If you’re using the old fashioned way you know that your sales reps have to re-enter the information they’ve collected from prospects into accounting systems or ERP.

With an effective sales rep app, every data received from prospects can be synched with back-office systems provided the app is connected to the internet, your office team can receive data updates from sales reps that’s on the field instantly.

Better Customer Relationship

A lot of people don’t want to be bought easily even if they need the product; you have to prove to them you’re a reliable person they can do business with. With a sales rep app, you have the history of every customer, this means even a new sales team can deal with prospects and customers effectively since they already have access to their history instantly.

Insightful planning

Things are not easy when following up with prospects, there are lots of things you need to track, and when a firm is growing it’s not easy to track prospects without using an effective management tool.

A sales rep app will help your team plan effectively, it will help them utilize the resources available and can make good use of the day doing productive tasks that will lead to the growth of the company.

Increased productivity

Without a sales rep app, your team will end up doing menial tasks that hardly contribute to the growth of your company. A sales rep app will help them automate plans, access reminders, and schedules effectively.

A sales rep app is one of the best assets any sales team can have because it will surely help them work faster, smarter and more strategically, if you’re not using a sales rep app, it’s time to upgrade your sales team to the next level for improved productivity.

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