Speaking to Manufacturers as Sales Reps

At some point sales reps may have to pitch to manufacturers. This is when they are independent sales representatives. An Independent Sales Rep, also known as a Manufacturer’s Rep, is an independent contractor paid on a commission basis to represent your service or product lines in a specific region. Independent reps serve as a company’s outside sales, marketing and customer service. Independent reps’ line cards usually list several related, non-competitive products for a well-defined territory. Independent reps’ compensation is spelled out in the sales rep agreement, which covers commission, training, sales materials and payment schedule.

Manufacturer would be considering certain things before allowing you to sell their products. These factors would be discussed below.

Previous Sales Record

Hardly would any manufacturer trust new products with a sales representative without previous experience. Unlike things that could be learnt in school, pitching and selling a product requires experience and being very smart. It is not however impossible that a greenhorn in sales may do well but the risk is better placed on an experienced seller.

It is one of the first few things that the manufacturer would most likely ask for to be convinced and that is why one should be available. It is not impossible to add a little of the previous sales record to the online profile so as to put you in better light. 

Show that You Understand the Market

What is the demand for what you are selling? Is the demand high or low? Is it that the demand is low because the publicity is low? How well would the product solve the problems of the average customer? Is the market for the product one that buys luxury, if what you sell is luxury? These are questions you must answer. You should know how well the demand for the product and how you can increase the interest of customers in the product.

Understand Pricing

Getting your products into this kind of store would require you taking notes of some certain things. As much as this is more of a prevalent factor, it is still essential to point out. Pricing is an essential factor. Even for food, people look at prices at which they are being offered for sale. Ensure that the prices are normal. Retailers won’t stock products from which they won’t make profit. At the same time, they won’t stock products which won’t sell, no matter how high the profit might be. 

Have a Plan

Let the manufacturer see your sales plan. How to plan to enter the market and go against direct and indirect competition would be of interest to the manufacturer. Draw a foolproof but simple plan that can be easily understood. Your plan does not had to be long, it only has to be effective.