The Best Keyboards Sales Representatives Should Choose From

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The Best Keyboards Sales Representatives Should Choose From

You’ve transitioned from writing your sales orders on paper to digital input to save yourself a great deal of time, but if you don’t use the right input device you’ll end up spending a lot of time inputting data which is almost similar to when you’re writing manually on a piece of paper, this is something you don’t want to go through. That’s why as a sales rep you need effective keyboard that will help you type data fast when you’re talking to the prospect.

There are gazillions of keyboards out there to choose from and they all claim to be the best, these keyboards are good, but there is the perfect keyboard for every occasion or profession. The type of keyboard you choose is dependent on your device, even Smartphones can be attached to keyboards these days and some are using it on the field.

So in this article we’ll share the best keyboards that are suitable for sales reps when they’re out on the field for better comfort.

Best Keyboard Sales Representatives Should Choose From

The Best Keyboard In All Aspects: Das Keyboard Prime 13

Why you should consider it

It is considered great for both professional and gaming use.

Who`s it for?

People who enjoy the perks provided by a mechanical keyboard will enjoy the keyboard the most.

What`s our view about Das keyboard Prime 13

It is equipped with fantastic keycaps and Cherry MX Brown switch that makes it considerable to every enthusiastic keyboard buyer. It is a decent and powerful keyboard equipped with great features at a very reasonable price.

The best gaming keyboard – RazerBlackWidow Chroma V2

Why you should purchase it

It is recognized as one of the fastest keyboard in the world that helps in great gaming experience.

Who`s it for

People who want big switches, speed, accuracy in commands and comfort should pick this design.

What`s our view about RazerBlack Widow Chroma V2?

It is equipped with superior mechanical switches as compared to classic Cherry MX alternatives as a result of which it provides the best performance and extreme durability. It also has RG8 lighting system with which you can choose light according to your mood.

The best keyboard without a number pad: Logitech G Pro X

Why you should purchase it

Equipped with swappable switches that can last for long time, and it also provides great gaming experience.

Who`s it for

People who want good typing while working and good gaming experience while playing games.

What`s our view about Logitech G Pro X?

It is compact in size which makes it more portable and easy to use. You can also change mechanical switches according to your needs.

The best keyboard for mobile: Logitech K780

Why you should purchase it

It`s a portable keyboard that can run for years on batteries and provides great compatibility with laptops, desktops and tablets.

Who`s it for

Users who want to use keyboard on multiple devices.

What`s our view about Logitech K780?

It’s one of the best keyboards considering portability and great compatibility with multiple devices.

The best budget keyboard: DBPower Three Colors

Why you should purchase it?

It looks like high-end mechanical keyboards but has a very reasonable price.

Who`s it for?

Any person who wants to enjoy the benefits of a high-end mechanical keyboard but don`t want to pay a heavy price.

What`s our view about DBPower Three Colors?

It looks like high-end keyboards but costs is under $30 which makes it best option for people who want to buy mechanical keyboard but are not looking to pay much on it.

The best keyboard for creative: Logitech MX Keys

Why you should purchase it?

Its unique feature is the capability to connect and share files with up to 3 PCs at the same time.

Who`s it for?

Office workers and artists who move a lot between different work stations, this makes it perfect for sales reps.

What`s our view about Logitech MX Keys?

It has great compatibility with laptop and desktop and can also connect and share files with multiple systems at the same time making it a very unique and powerful keyboard.

The best keyboard for business – Microsoft Surface Keyboard

Why you should purchase it?

It’s a perfect choice for office use because it is comfortable to use due to its light weight.

Who`s it for?

Office workers or internal sales reps can use this keyboard perfectly.

What`s our view about Surface Keyboard?

It is very light and powerful keyboard equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.

These are some of the keyboards we’ve covered and you should understand that no particular design is perfect for all; it all comes down to your taste and how comfortable you’re when using these keyboards, so pick wisely.

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