Sales Apps Every Sales Team Should Have

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Sales Apps Every Sales Team Should Have

Sales apps are designed to make things easier for sales reps and also help them save a lot of time. Time is money and the more you’re spending time doing tasks that can be automated with tools and apps you’re losing money. As a sales rep you should always be hitting numbers, getting yourself busy with menial tasks will slow you down in achieving your targets and that’s why you need sales apps to increase your productivity.

Apps are helpful to sales reps but the market is saturated, so much that you’ll find it difficult to choose the best apps that are suitable for you or your sales team. In this article we’ll share some of the best apps every sales team need to have in order to work efficiently on the field.

Sales Apps Every Sales Team Should Have

There are different categories of apps you should have, there are apps for scheduling your meetings, communication, staying organized and more. We’ll take a look at some of the best apps from different categories to help you simplify the sales process.

Scheduling sales apps

Sales meetings are a very important part of your sales process, most sales reps find it confusing on which customer to schedule meeting with, like meeting new prospects or existing customers. It’s time consuming to schedule meetings if you’re doing things traditional way. Sales apps will help you book meetings automatically without a clash with another meeting; this will make your sales cycle more efficient. Let’s take a look at some apps that will schedule your meetings without any hassle;

Google and Outlook calendar

These two apps will help both sales rep and the prospect to book meetings into a calendar; you’ll be able to connect with intercom in your Google or outlook calendar or even your team’s calendar. You can send a conversation so that the prospect can choose the time that’s suitable for them.


Though Google and outlook should be enough for your meeting scheduling, if you’re however looking for more capabilities then you should use calendly, it can be integrated with outlook, Google, iCloud and office 365. When a prospect books a meeting it will be automatically added to your calendar and can send reminders, plus a lot of other helpful features you’ll find in Calendly.

Communication sales apps

Communication is an important part of the sales process; you need to stay in touch with your prospects even if they’re far from you. You’re also looking for ways to follow up effectively without losing your leads. Let’s take a look at tools that will help.


This tool allows you to route conversations to a specific channel and it can be set according to your team’s inboxes. For instance you can set notifications in slack whenever a prospect starts a conversation with you.

Aircall Now

This is another tool that will help sales reps make voice call; you can transition from chat to voice call if you want to provide additional information to your prospects.

Managing leads sales apps

You want to keep track of all your leads, some apps allow you to create separate profiles for recording the activities of each lead. Tracking and managing lead will help sales reps qualify prospects, you’ll find leads that are ready to buy by tracking and analyzing the data you’ve stored in your app. let’s look at apps that are designed to help you manage your leads.


This app will make it easier to capture and nurture leads with intercom without interfering with your existing workflow. You can isolate your best leads and create tasks from your conversations. It will help you follow up with each prospect with ease since you can track everything right within the app.


HubSpot offers one of the best CRM software online, not only that they also have a lot of helpful sales tools any can use to manage their sales process. HubSpot allows you to synch your leads with your devices so that you can track the communications between you and the client.

The tools shared above can help sales reps save a lot of time on the field and will simplify most of their task when it comes to managing prospects. Give them a try to see how they’ll work for you and your sales team.

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