Wholesale Tips – The Best Strategies That Will Help You Sell To Retailers

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Wholesale Tips – The Best Strategies That Will Help You Sell To Retailers

Introducing your wholesale products in retail stores is a good strategy for increasing brand awareness. Not only that, you can also sell your products online for more awareness, but selling through a chain of retailers is far more effective and can generate more revenue when compared to selling online.

If you’re just starting out, launching a network of retailer to distribute your products is not an easy task because most of them have a dealer that offers them better deals; you have to come up with unique benefits and offers if you want to your competitors supplying them. After putting in the effort and your product become popular in the market, your business will grow more than your expectations provided you keep providing quality products to the market.

How To Get Your Products In Retail Stores

Find your target retailers

This is the first important step in the process, you need to choose a target market and then find retailers that are interested in your products and are willing to buy, and you also need retailers that will buy your products in bulk. As a wholesaler you always want to sell in large orders so as to avoid keeping outdated products that can harm your business.

Visit trade shows

Introducing your products at trade shows can be a massive hit especially if you show up at the right trade shows where there is a lot of retailers or businesses that might place order for your products in bulk. Even if you’re not able to find buyers you’ll learn a few things at trade shows, you can discover what your prospects are selling and how they approach businesses, this way you gain some experience that can help you improve your business. Plus you’ll also get the opportunity to network with other business owners that might be helpful in the future.

Prepare your pitch

Having a sales pitch in place is a must for wholesalers or business reps, designing a sales pitch is considered an art and sales reps should master it because they have to pitch their products to customers and if you don’t have this skill you will not be able to sell your products. There is however individuals that specialize in crafting sales pitch, you can hire freelancers who’re good at the job and let them design a pitch for your products.

As a salesperson you have to create a pitch for your product that’s clearly pointing out the benefits and solutions to the customer. There are certain few things that should be considered while creating a pitch and the important ones are;

  • Completely understand the needs of the customers and what benefits your product can provide to them in the form of extra benefit, in addition to the basic benefits they get.
  • You should be clear about manufacturing designs, needs of customer and warranty policies of the product.
  • Make sure you know every detail about the things that have contributed towards the prices including the manufacturing expense, shipping expense and packaging.

Creating direct contact

Social network plays a vital in selling your product to retail stores; it’s a platform where you can interact with almost anyone and any business. By utilizing these platforms you can create direct contact with prospects, there are also retailers that host their online stores on social media or at least they have profile pages that makes it easier to connect with them, you can start your conversation with them through their social media profile. With social media platforms you can get contact information for people and businesses, you should start utilizing giant networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. After joining you can start sending requests for product presentations or even sales meetings to discuss your products and how beneficial they can they can be to their consumers.

Ask important questions

This will help you in learning from the experiences of other people who once were looking for the same thing and then accomplished great results. You can ask them to share their success stories with you so you can have an idea how they achieved their success. This gives you a real time picture of the market and requirements to introduce your product in retail stores.

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