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What Are Five Tools Every Sales Rep Need In Order To Get An Edge In Sales?

Technology is evolving at a very rapid rate in every aspect of our life. In this new age, every business needs to embrace new technological advancements. As a sales manager, new tech will help revamp your sales process, and help your sales team close more deals. 

With the right tools, you’ll get more conversions and can track your company’s sales process effectively. You’ll be able to build a strong relationship with prospects and allow you to create a unique sales pipeline that will nurture the conversion of your leads effectively.

There is no denial every business can benefit from new technological advancements, in this era every sales rep is always connected to their apps, devices, screens and other online tools to help them close more business deals for their company.

Of course, these tools have a few negative impacts on sales reps; one is that you’re always locked in front of the screen without getting out to build a strong relationship with prospects.

Whatever tool you’re using as a sales rep you should always remember that building a relationship with prospects is the strongest foundation to any sale, building relationship means personal interaction with your prospects.

The other downside of these technologies to a sales rep is not utilizing them properly. Yes, this is another curse, because using these tools the wrong way will cause harm and that’s why it’s important as a sales manager or company who’s managing sales team to only equip your team with tools that are proven to increase productivity and performance.

With that said, I will still say that one cannot build a strong and solid sales team without embracing new technology. The lead you’re looking for out there is chased by competitors and they’re using all the tools they can to reach them first.

With all the benefits of sales tools and apps, some sales reps prefer to use old school, and they’re still good at closing more leads that way without utilizing advanced tools. They find it complex to use new generation tools that can improve their sales performance.

There is no big deal in using these tools, with the right tutoring anyone can start working sales tools within few hours, no matter what your age is you can utilize these tools and harness your sales process.

Let’s take a look at the important tools or technologies every sales rep has to embrace for the effective performance of their team.

Social Selling Tools

There is no better selling point than social media and that’s why you need social selling tools in order to get an edge over your competitors. Stats show that sales reps that spend more time on social media sell better than their competitors who’re not utilizing social platforms. This is because social media allows a salesperson to build a strong relationship with the audience. 

You should remember that people hate being sold; they want to receive some value first and by posting valuable content on social media it will lead to more trust which will, in turn, will lead to closing deals fast. 

Staying on social media for long can be boring, you need tools that allow you to schedule your posts and also help you interact with prospects fast than doing the task manually which is time-consuming.

Email Tracking Software

This is a must for setting up an effective email marketing campaign; you need to know who opens your email and who clicked on your links. This monitoring can’t be done manually, you need email tracking software that will give in-depth analysis for all your email leads.

Web Conference Tools

This is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to building a strong sales team. Conferencing tools will help you communicate with prospects fast, especially the ones from a distant location that can’t be reached easily. Not only your prospects but also your sales team can communicate effectively.

Competitive Analysis Tools

As a sales manager, you already know that some prospects have more purchasing power than others and you can sort that using competitive analysis tools. These tools will help your team sell more in less time because they’re able to qualify prospects who have the desire and can afford your products.

 Motivational Tools

Without motivation, even your top-performing sales reps can experience slow performance and the only way to prevent that is by offering incentives, but that’s not enough, you need tools that will update team members their rewards after reaching certain targets. You also need tools that will keep your sales team entertained without lowering their productivity as well.

Sales teams are the company’s lifeblood, which means you don’t want to hesitate on investing in the right tools that will improve their performance.

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