Sales Territory Management – Best Practices That Will Grow Your Business

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Sales Territory Management – Best Practices That Will Grow Your Business

In the world of endless prospects, wholesalers and distributors are facing challenges more than ever, if you’re not armed with an effective sales territory management plan, things will be more difficult to handle.

Every distributor knows their product, but keeping track of customers is the difficult aspect of managing any wholesale business. You need to outline strategies that allow you to track activities in the field, track deals and potential opportunities on the way. Territory plan will help you achieve all these with ease, especially if you have the right tools to set up the entire process.

Having the right sales territory management plan will ensure your sales reps are investing their time and energy on the right prospects, this way they’ll impact your business for greater success.

One of the major benefits of sales territory management plan is to prevent overlap between your sales team, overlap can lead to confusion and multiple sales reps can waste their time on a single prospect. Creating the right territory plan will ensure that your sales team aren’t competing again the same customer, not only that, it also save money and time for your company.

What’s A Sales Territory Plan?

It’s a way of segmenting customers within your sales team; you’ll be able track the progress of each team and can establish separate goals for each of your segments. With sales territory plan you’ll break down sales reps by industry, geography, product type, or referral source and other factors that are needed to create your segments.

Benefits Of A Sales Territory Management

Generating More Sales

With a sales territory plan you’ll increase your company’s sales momentum by matching the right opportunities with the right sales team. A survey conducted shows that there is a decline in sales when more time is spent on training sales reps, traveling and administrative overheads. With a clear sales territory plan you’ll minimize these activities which will lead to more sales

Better Customer Service

When you segment your sales reps based on their expertise they’ll communicate with customers better and also build long term relationships, and that’s because they understand them better.

Balanced workloads

One of the main aims of a sales territory plan is to prevent overlap on one customer and also to balance workloads between your sales team. Sales territory plan ensures all your sales reps are working at full capacity and at the same time without over workload.

Best Practices In Any Sales Territory Plan

Choose And Focus On The Right Appointments

When it comes to segmenting your customers the first thing you want to do is categorize them. First you’ll have the list of best customers that have more purchase power, these are the ones that can be closed easily without much effort from sales reps and the second group is more volatile and extra effort is needed from your sales reps.

When you clearly identify these customers you can assign the right team and can establish a customer base for your sales team. Your sales reps can spend their time wisely since they already know the category of customers they’re dealing with.

Create A Plan

After segmenting your customers you need to create targets and objective, and most importantly a plan of attack on how to deal with each customer. You’ll clearly define the time frame you want sales reps to visit each customer, the course of action that needs to be taken at every stage of visit.


Timing is important for sales reps, no matter how qualified customer might be, if they’re approached in the wrong time, it will be difficult to get the sale. With right timing sales reps can generate more sales and will become productive.

Track performance

Without tracking you can’t improve your sales territory management plan, you need to track all the activities on the field so that you can come up with strategies that can block any obstacle faced by your sales reps and you can update other sales field agents on how to deal with new challenges that might come in their way.

Designing a sales territory management plan is a must for businesses, whether you’re dealing with large sales team or small team, segmenting them will ensure they’re bringing more ROI to your business with less investment.

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