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To Do List Apps For Sales Rep Apps – Our Top Pick

To do list apps are the next thing you want to add on your mobile device. It’s not easy to memorize all the tasks you want to accomplish on the field during the day, some prefer to jot it down on a piece of paper, but the downside is that things will be scattered, so much that you  might end up getting confused.

Using effective to do list apps will simplify the entire process, they’ll help you stay organized and can focus on one task at a time, plus also you won’t miss your schedules since most of them come with alert feature. You can receive notifications telling you the next important task on the list, to do list apps help you work smarter and more importantly manage your time the right way.

In this article we’ll share some of the best to do list apps that will be beneficial to any sales rep in the field and want to stay organized and become more productive.

Best To-Do List Apps for Sales Reps:


This is a to-do list app with a clean design that works on almost any mobile device and they provide excellent customer support. This app lets you share lists and have real-time sync, notes. The only disadvantage could be that it’s recurring task function doesn’t work well.


Todoist has almost the same features as Wunderlist, with the difference that it offers location tracking, this way you can have reminders according to the place where you are. Another highly motivating feature is the “Karma” tool, which lets you check productivity graphics and gives you karma points for your productivity. This app runs on Android and iOS as well as you can have it on your browser and add tasks from there. Some bad news could be that you need to get the premium if you want to get e-mail and mobile notifications.

Any. Do

This app is up to the level among the other ones, comes with a clean design and relatively simple to use, it offers almost the same features than the other two apps mentioned, the principal difference is that “moment” which sends you notification with all your tasks of the day every morning. The only downside is that this app is not as compatible with multiple devices as the other apps and web version isn’t available at the moment.


A brand new popular app that can be used in any platform, offers widgets and natural intuitive processes in both Android and iOS. The principal difference is that it has a Pomodoro timer which allows you to set fixed time work sessions.

Microsoft To-Do

This is the best of two worlds as a result of Microsoft’s efforts to bring powerful add-ons to its main services and the great team of Wunderlist once was, the app works as an extension of Microsoft suite, you can add tasks by Cortana’s voice commands. It’s easy and practical; the only disadvantage is that it has no iOS version.


This app is also exclusive for Apple users, combine complex features with a minimalistic style, which lets you arrange a huge amount of tasks simply and easily that will make you feel you’re smoothly completing them. The attractiveness of this app is the perfect clean design; the downside comes if you are Android user.


Designed around the GTD (Getting Things Done) philosophy by David Allen, this is the best app with the most features to use simply and creatively. With this app, you can organize any kind of task, as huge or as small as you can think of. The downside is Sync is only allowed between Apple devices.

These are some of our best choice to try out if you’re looking for a simple interface within your budget, you should try a couple of them to see which one works best for you and then stick to it. If you are always active and have lots of tasks at work, or you just want to get your things organized, to-do list apps are a nice way to go through your activities without losing your head on it. You can find more app recommendations by searching for more alternatives online.

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