Travel Apps – The Best Choices For Sales Reps

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Travel Apps – The Best Choices For Sales Reps

Travel apps are a must have for outside field sales reps, your life is always on the field and you need the right tools and apps in order to stay organized along the journey. You have to make it as easier as you can in order to manage your life and also stay productive.

Travel apps can be categorized into 4 groups and here they’re;

Hotel apps; these apps will help you find the right hotel without breaking the bank, as a sales rep you don’t want to be overspending a lot of money and that’s why you need hotel apps to present the best options for you.

Travel apps; these apps will help you book flights with ease, you can access all your flight details directly from your mobile device and you can even set alerts in order not to miss your flight schedule.

Routes apps; before starting your trip you have to make sure that you’re prepared and that’s what route apps do. You can use them to connect with all information you need and can find leads with ease.

Transport apps; when you arrive at your destination you probably want to use a car rental service, and that’s when transportation apps come in handy, they allow you to pick rental cars at the nearest location and at affordable rates.

When it comes to choosing travel apps these are the types of apps you should have on your mobile device. Now we’ll share some of the best travel ones every sales rep needs if they want to make their travel easier.

Travel Apps For Sales Reps

TripIt (Android, iOS and Blackberry)

TripIt, the all-in-one travel organizer, combines your travel data into a unified interface that’s easily navigable, aiming to make the entire hassle of taking a trip more orderly. Offering both online and offline services, this travel organizer possesses an easy-to-understand system; simply send them the email that contains the confirmation of your travel data and receive in turn a complete itinerary via the software. The advantages of using TripIt include live weather report, verification number for all parts of a trip, combined trip timetable as well as being able to share the important travel details amongst the member. It’s available for free and they also offer the Pro version which includes its recently introduced version catering to groups and their members for the purpose of orderly travel management. This special TripIt for groups provides an Admin dashboard that allows for different views across the group’s travel timetables. It can be said that its top features such as air travel status and gate notifications, rebooking features as well as travel suggestions would derive someone of $49 annually. Nonetheless, TripIt may be a less effective choice for car travellers.

TripCase – For Android and iOS

Available as an iOs or Android app, TripCase is designed to keep you ahead of your trip’s timetable. TripCase derives data from your trip confirmation emails such as air travel verifications, car rental confirmations and etc, to offer you a general view of your entire travel, embedding air travel times, lodging locations, car rental confirmation details and so on. This application is free, although it comes with ads and definitely saves a lot of your effort as it will show you all your trip-related information after a simply a click from you by sending your trip verification details to However, Google Maps would be a better option if you require driving or walking directions as it weakness lies in its mapping functionality which is not clean of bugs.

Silvercar – For Android And iOS

“Car rental that doesn’t suck”, that’s the slogan of Silvercar, who aims to simply the car rental process for those on business trips. This application enables you to reserve Audi A4s which are brought to you by valet once you have reached the airport. Silvercar charges #89 for weekdays and $59 for other days. Silvercar allows user to utilize it to unlock the vehicle and also automatically note down the fuel usage, inevitably speeding up your check-in process. The highlights of this application include the ability to check-in without the need for wasting time in a long line as well as offering a pleasant travelling experience regardless of your destination choice. With the beautiful car of your choice, you will experience consistent comfort in class. The downside is that this application only serves six major US cities which are Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas and the capital city of both Arizona and Texas. Besides, it only utilizes one type of vehicle.

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