Writing Sales Representative Job Description That Attracts The Best Talent

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Writing Sales Representative Job Description That Attracts The Best Talent

You already know as a sales manager or a business owner you need to hire the best sales reps if you want your company sales to grow, and it all starts with the hiring process. A lot of businesses are very strict when it comes to hiring but they don’t give much attention when it comes to crafting a good job description.

How you write your job description message will determine the type of sales candidates you attract for the job, you should make it look professional in such a way that anyone that applies knows they’ll be working for reputed company; this will save you a lot of time during screening and interview process.

A well written sales representative job description will help you attract the most qualified candidates and in this article we share some powerful tips that will help you write a good sales representative job description in order to get the best talent for your company.

How To Write Sales Representative Job Description That Attracts The Best Title

Sales rep job title

That’s the first important component of any job description; it sends the first message for what you’re looking for, every job seeker first read the title before getting into the body message. A great title should specify exactly what you’re looking for, don’t generalize here, only target specific group that you believe are the most qualified for your job offer. You should specify experience level in your title; unless you’re looking for a newbie you should always specify the level of experience you’re looking for in the title.

And finally you can include any other special requirement that you might have. You should know that you have limited characters in the title, whether you’re placing your advert on newspaper or online job portals, you need to use short phrases that describe exactly what you want. Don’t’ use acronyms or abbreviations in your title because most people don’t understand what they mean no matter how popular you think they’re and make sure your title can be understood by anyone, this means using simple language.

Some examples of sales rep titles include; Senior Sales representative, Sales agent, Sales Representative, and Commercial sales representative. These are just some phrases that are referring to sales reps; you should add more info that specifies what you’re looking for such as level of experience or specialty and so on.

Job description

First you should tell briefly about your business and what you sell, write some history and if possible provide links that will help them get more information about your company. This shows that you’re a legit business owner and they can trust you, with so many illegitimate job offers out there you have to differentiate yourself.

Then there is the most important part that explains clearly what you’re looking for. You have to include every piece of information in your job description offer, you should explain the type of sales reps you’re looking for by mentioning the qualities they must possess and then describe the roles they’ll play in your company. Not stating their roles and duties can lead to a lot of legalities, don’t use vague words, use clear terms so that they can understand what you mean. The next thing you want to mention is the compensation scheme, state your salary model and bonuses that will be available, mention whether there is a leave or not, and every benefit you’d like to offer. If it’s a commission basis, you should also don’t forget to mention that as well.

And finally you should mention how to apply, if you want job offers to be submitted to you, you should provide email at the button of your description, ask each candidate to send their resume through email, also include special instructions so that any candidate that doesn’t follow such instructions you know they haven’t read your job description offer and their application should be avoided. Just imagine, if they can’t take the time to read your job description they’ll hardly pay attention to your details when you hire them.

Crafting a good sales representative job description doesn’t guarantee you’ll attract the best talent, you still have to be careful in the hiring process. You should verify every detail they’ve supplied in their resume; it’s not easy hiring the best sales rep that deliver good results for the company especially for field sales reps.

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